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Microchip your pet

All dogs and cats must be microchipped before they are 12 weeks of age (but after 8 weeks of age).

Microchipping is a quick and harmless procedure where a small microchip is inserted between your pet's shoulder blades.

If your microchipped pet goes astray and is taken to a vet or shelter, we use the microchip's data to contact you and quickly reunite you with your pet.

Mandatory requirements

Microchipping is mandatory for all:

  • dogs and cats born after 1 July 2009 before they reach 12 weeks of age (but after 8 weeks of age)
  • dogs and cats born before 1 July 2009 that have changed ownership (i.e. have been either sold or given away)
  • declared regulated dogs (i.e. declared dangerous dogs and declared menacing dogs).

How to microchip your pet

  • Take your pet to your local vet, animal shelter or welfare organisation for microchipping – they are accredited to perform this procedure
  • You will be given a certificate of identification so you can register your pet before it is 12 weeks old
  • When you register your pet with Council you will need to provide your pet’s microchip details

The Redland City Council Animal Shelter provides a microchipping service for dogs and cats.

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