Tips for rebuilding a dwelling | Redland City Council

Tips for rebuilding a dwelling

Rebuilding a removal dwelling can be a complex process. Below is advice to help you complete the process smoothly.


It is important to understand the full cost of completing all of the outstanding work on the house, as this can add up to tens of thousands of dollars.  It is recommended you get in touch with your builder to discuss potential costs.

Approval period duration

An approval to relocate and complete the rebuild is valid for six (6) months.

For a fee, you can extend the approval period once for a further six (6) months before the approval lapses.

If you do not have a final building inspection and the house is not approved, you may be subject to a compliance investigation.

Approvals before and after

All removal houses must have approval before and after the house is moved.

Registered builders

Before you apply for building approval, you must provide Council with a written quote from a licensed building contractor outlining the cost of all work for final completion within the approval period.

Owner builders

If you are not using a licensed building contractor, you must complete an accredited training course and obtain an Owner Builder Permit from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission before you apply for building approval.

Owner builders are responsible for any trade work on the site. The contractor who removes and resites the home cannot complete any other building work unless they hold a current builders licence from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.


You should be aware that your household insurance may be void if you do not have final building approval.

Selling the property

Your ability to sell the property in the future could be compromised if you do not obtain final building approval. To sell your property you muct also ensure that licensed tradespeople complete all trade work, waterproofing, pest control, glazing, electrical and plumbing works so that you can obtain certificates for this work.  It is recommended you discuss these matters with your builder and/or private building certifier.