Landscaping works | Redland City Council

Preparing a landscaping works plan

If your development needs a landscaping works application, you should ask a qualified landscape architect or designer to prepare it for you.

You will need to provide a detailed planting layout and:

  • a hierarchy of planting
  • a species schedule
  • the canopy height and spread of any major tree or building footprint on adjoining properties that the proposed development may affect in any way
  • existing vegetation, including canopy height and spread, species and identification of removal or retention
  • levels in critical areas
  • fencing and lighting details
  • incorporation of a qualified arborist’s findings where adjoining tree root zones or canopies extend into the development site
  • details of tree protection measures for existing trees
  • specification notes for plant establishment period and maintenance
  • fences and screens indicating materials, heights and construction details
  • planting to proposed stormwater quality control devices.

Lodging your application

To lodge your application for assessment of landscaping works, submit:

Lodge applications either:

  • electronically through the Online Lodgement System (our preferred method)
  • in person at the Cleveland Customer Service Centre.

For more information contact Council's City Planning and Assessment Group on (07) 3829 8999.