Online Lodgement System (OLS)

Council's Online Lodgement System (OLS) is a portal provided by Council to help you lodge your development applications. The service replaces the State Governments decommissioned Smart eDA which ceased operation on 30 June 2017.

About OLS

OLS is Redland City Council’s preferred method for lodging development applications and one of the fastest and easiest methods. 

The service is designed to help you make a well made application that includes all information required for Council to undertake its assessment.  Additionally, the service accommodates large file attachments, which would otherwise be a limitation when using email.

Council is looking to expand the functionality of OLS in the near future to incorporate additional application types and payment options, making your application process even smoother.

Accepted application types

Currently, you can lodge these application types using the OLS:

  • Reconfiguring a Lot
  • Material Change of Use
  • Operational Works
  • Building works assessable against the planning scheme
  • Plan of Subdivision
  • Exemption Certificate

Please ensure you have the correct forms and supporting material ready when submitting your application. You can download State Government forms from their website.

Using OLS

You can refer to the OLS user guide [PDF, 0.1MB] to assist with providing the required information.

Launch the OLS

OLS – Online Lodgement System

If you require further assistance, please contact us.