Dual living - secondary dwelling

Dwelling house

A dwelling house is defined in the Redland City Plan as "A residential use of premises for one household that contains a single dwelling.

The use includes domestic out-buildings and works normally associated with a dwelling and may include a secondary dwelling."

Secondary dwelling

A secondary dwelling is defined in the Redland City Plan as "A dwelling used in conjunction with, and subordinate to, a dwelling house on the same lot.

A secondary dwelling may be constructed under a dwelling house, be attached to a dwelling house or be free standing."

You cannot lease or sell off a secondary dwelling separately from the main dwelling.

A dwelling house and its secondary dwelling will only ever have one water meter, power meter and bin service.

Approval process

The application process depends on the zoning and overlays on your property, and the design of your proposal.

To determine the zoning and overlays on your property, you can visit:

To determine the level of assesment, please refer to the Redland City Plan.

For some secondary dwellings, you need to obtain only building and plumbing approval, while others may also need a planning approval. To find out if you need approval, contact Council's Planning Liaison Officer on (07) 3829 8999.

Also see our information on approval for dual occupancy.