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Pre-start meetings

A pre-start meeting is an on site meeting that occurs before any work is undertaken on a development site. The purpose of a pre-start meeting is to ensure development is carried out in accordance with the conditions of development approval with minimal adverse impacts on neighbouring properties and the environment.

When is a pre-start meeting required?

Pre-start meetings must be held before any site works can commence and only once all relevant pre-construction conditions have been complied with. Generally the requirement for a pre-start meeting will be identified in the conditions of your development approval. Depending on the conditions of your development approval, the following may need to be submitted to Council before you can request a pre-start meeting:

  • amended plans
  • public liability and work cover documentation for your principal contractor
  • payment of any relevant security bonds
  • application for a road opening permit with associated documentation and payment of fees (refer to Council's register of fees for more information).

Development that requires a pre-start meeting can include:

  • reconfiguring a lot, such as standard format subdivision
  • units, apartment buildings and commercial buildings
  • development that includes contributed assets
  • development that requires Council approval of a Construction Management Plan
  • development that requires substantial landscape management works and/or that is subject to a Vegetation Management Plan.

Who should attend a pre-start meeting?

Relevant technical officers from Council's Engineering and Environmental Assessment team and Sediment and Erosion Control will meet your representatives on site. Depending on the development conditions and the issues being discussed, your consulting engineer, contractor, landscape architect, ecology consultant, and erosion and sediment control specialist should attend.

How can I arrange a pre-start meeting?

Pre-start meetings must be booked with Council a minimum of five business days in advance. To book your pre-start, contact Council's Engineering and Environmental Assessment team on (07) 3829 8999 or email

Before requesting a pre-start meeting, it is recommended your civil consulting engineer and/or other relevant consultant review the pre-start requirements to ensure all relevant development approval conditions have been complied with and any necessary documentation has been submitted to Council.