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Waste disposal fees and charges

Redland City Council residents do not pay fees for non-commercial use of our Recycling and Waste Centres. To gain free access, you will need to provide proof of residency (i.e. ID which has photo and address). Commercial fees apply for non-residents or if disposing of commercial waste.

Commercial waste disposal

Redland City Council recycling and waste centres can accept some types of commercial waste however, in most instances, fees apply. Most commercial waste cannot be disposed of for free at Council's recycling and waste centres, even if you are a resident of Redland City.

Commercial waste is waste produced as a result of an organisation carrying out a business, including activities carried out at domestic premises under a commercial arrangement.

If you have been flagged and identified as disposing of commercial waste and would like to declare that you are not disposing of commercial waste, you will need to either:

  1. apply for vouchers to dispose of residential waste using a commercial vehicle; or 
  2. dispute your commercial vehicle status and your request will be reviewed by Council. 

Commercial vehicles flagged as commercial which are over 4.5T GVM cannot apply for vouchers or dispute their commercial vehicle status. 

Application for vouchers or disputing your commercial status will need to be completed within two weeks following the date of the notice.  

For a PDF copy of the online forms, see Waste Services Forms.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can still dispose of waste from your home using a commercial vehicle. However, you will need to apply for a Commercial vehicle waiver. If approved, you will be issued with vouchers which will allow eight visits a year for domestic waste disposal. A grace period of one month will apply for you to dispose of domestic waste from your home without a voucher. Following this, you will be charged commercial fees for all visits unless a valid voucher is presented. To allow enough time for processing, your application must be completed within two weeks from date of this notice. Vouchers can only be used for disposing of your personal residential (domestic) waste. Commercial fees will continue to be payable for all commercial waste.

Following the date of your notice, you will have a one-month grace period to dispose of domestic waste without a voucher. Once we receive your application, it will be assessed and if approved:

  • eight waivers will be issued
  • waivers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue
  • no further waivers will be issued within the 12 month period
  • waivers must be surrendered to the Recycling and Waste Centre staff prior to disposal.

Please allow up to 15 business days following completion of your request to have your application processed. Terms and conditions apply. See application form / vouchers for a copy of the terms and conditions.

If you believe you have been incorrectly identified as disposing of commercial waste, you will need to complete the Disputing Commercial vehicle status form online. A grace period of one month will apply for you to dispose of residential waste from your home before you will be charged commercial fees for all visits. To allow enough time to review your application, this form must be completed within two weeks from date of this notice. You will then be notified within up to 15 business days of the outcome to have the commercial waste status removed.

Commercial waste is both Commercial & Industrial (C&I) waste and Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste as defined in the Waste Reduction and Recycling Regulation 2023 (Schedule 13).

Commercial waste includes waste generated by a commercial or industrial activity carried out at a domestic premises under a commercial arrangement. Fees are applicable to the disposal of all commercial waste. Penalties may apply if false or misleading information is provided when delivering waste.

Indicators of commercial waste disposal are applied at the gatehouse or via audit and include (but are not limited to):

  • Commercial vehicle registration status
  • Vehicle signage
  • Tools of trade
  • Waste types consistent with commercial operation
  • Frequency of visits
  • Actual Gross Combined Vehicle Mass (GCVM) at the weighbridge > 4.5 tonne; and/or
  • Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) – allowable limit of vehicle + load is > 4.5 tonne. This may be determined by:
    • Driver requiring Light Rigid Vehicle licence
    • Evidence of GVM published by vehicle manufacturer
    • VIN plate on vehicle.

Vehicles with a GVM over 4.5 tonne may be referred to Birkdale recycling and waste centre to determine GCVM at the weighbridge.

Residential ratepayers pay a waste utility charge in their rates which covers the cost of all household waste including kerbside bin collection, community park bins and the management of Council-run recycling and waste centres. Council pays a waste levy to the Queensland Government for the disposal of commercial waste received at Council-run facilities. These fees are required to be paid by the business to avoid any increase in costs for residents. In addition, unpaid commercial fees provide an unfair competitive advantage over those commercial operators who are complying with the law and paying the relevant fees.

Fees change each financial year and are displayed at the gatehouse or are available on the Council fees page pp 30-31. The fees cover the cost of disposing, composting or recycling commercial waste including the costs associated with the Queensland Government Waste Disposal Levy (where applicable).

Fees are based on the amount of waste brought into the recycling and waste centres: 

  • All recycling and waste centres (except for Birkdale) measure green waste in cubic metres
  • All recycling and waste centres (except for Birkdale) charge for commercial mixed waste (Commercial & Industrial) by vehicle type and configuration
  • Birkdale Recycling and Waste Centre has a weighbridge, measuring all commercial waste types by weight (accuracy of +/- 20kg).

The fees cover the cost of disposing of, composting or recycling commercial waste including the costs associated with the Queensland Government Waste Disposal Levy (where applicable).

For a full list of items accepted/ not accepted at Recycling and Waste Centres see:

Even as a commercial operator, you can dispose of a range of items free of charge (if separated) at the following Recycling and Waste Centres:

  • Scrap metal: All centres
    • Appliances 
    • Caravan
    • Car bodies – car body disposal decaration form must be completed prior to arrival
    • Ferrous metal
    • Lawn mowers
    • Metal fencing, water tanks and boats / trailers
    • Microwaves
    • Non-ferrous metal
    • Power tools
  • Lead acid batteries: All centres except Karragarra Island and Lamb Island
  • Items for yellow-lid recycling bins: All centres except Lamb Island
    • Comingled recyclables
    • Paper
    • Shredded paper (in sealed cardboard box)
  • Cardboard: All centres except Lamb Island
  • Paint and paint packaging: Redland Bay only (see Paintback scheme for full acceptance criteria)
    • maximum 100L in volume per visit
    • must be carried in secure containers no larger than 20L