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Make an appeal

If you have received an infringement notice but believe that there are circumstances that need to be considered, you can make an appeal to Redland City Council and request Council to review your infringement. Infringement notices are only withdrawn in extraordinary circumstances and all requests for review must be submitted by the person issued with the infringement notice.

Preparing your supporting evidence

When submitting an appeal, it is important to include sufficient supporting evidence when you lodge your request. Depending on the type of infringement issued, you should include:

  • the grounds of any legal defence, exemption from the law, exceptional circumstances or error on the infringement notice
  • photographs or diagrams showing the exact location of the incident
  • a vehicle repair receipt if relevant (i.e. vehicle broken down at the time of the offence)
  • a written statement on a statutory declaration [PDF, 0.1MB] by anyone who witnessed the incident
  • written advice or a crime report from the Queensland Police Service
  • copies of valid permits not displayed at the time of offence
  • medical certificates
  • the infringement notice or a photocopy. If unavailable, provide the infringement number/s, vehicle registration number and date and time of the incident
  • any other documentation that might support the appeal.

Please note that the following examples are not regarded as reasons to appeal an infringement notice:

  • financial hardship – if you are unable to pay the infringement then an application can be made for a payment plan
  • not seeing a sign or misinterpreting a sign
  • not being familiar with the area
  • parking not available
  • not being aware of legislation requirements
  • being parked in a boat trailer space without a trailer attached
  • being stopped briefly in a restricted zone.

How to make an appeal

To make an appeal, download and complete the infringement notice appeal form [PDF, 0.3MB]. This form should be accompanied by any supporting evidence. 

Submit form and supporting documentation to Redland City Council before the payment due-by date via: