Advertising and signage laws | Redland City Council

Advertising and signage laws

If you would like to advertise your organisation or event in the Redlands, there are various options and laws you will need to follow.

Bus shelters

If you would like to advertise on bus shelters in the Redlands, there are two options available: standard and premium.

Read more information about advertising on bus shelters.

Here you can also read about 'IdentiLite' advertising (illuminated displays at intersections and main roads throughout Redland City).

Advertising signage

Redland City Council regulates advertising signs to ensure they’re constructed and maintained to ensure public safety and that they complement the surrounding environment.

Read the laws around erecting advertising signage for your organisation.

Election signage

To ensure signs in Redland City are displayed safely and are of acceptable quality, Council has laws in place (Subordinate Local Law 1.4 - Installation of Advertising Devices).

Before placing an election sign on your property, please read our fact sheet on election signage laws [PDF 0.3MB].

Community signage

Community signage is available for community facilities which are likely to be sought by a significant number of people from outside the district. Community groups and commercial organisations can apply for community signage using the Application for community signage [PDF, 0.3MB] form.