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Bus shelter advertising

If you would like to advertise your organisation or event on Council bus shelters, see the information below.

Advertising types

Intersection and road display advertising

As well as bus shelters and seats, 'IdentiLite' advertising is also available through Claude Outdoor (see image). These are illuminated displays at intersections and main roads throughout Redland City.

Contact Claude Outdoor on 1800 177 392.

Bus shelter advertising

We have two types of bus shelter advertising in the Redlands:

  • standard shelters (for non-illuminated advertising)
  • premium shelters (for illuminated advertising).

Standard shelters 

This option caters for non-illuminated advertising (on either aluminium or corflute panels) and is managed by Redland City Council.

Standard shelters are distributed across the entire bus stop network on main roads and the local road network. This enables us to offer an affordable alternative for local businesses who would like to advertise in the area.

Premium shelters

This option caters for illuminated advertising and is managed solely by Ooh Media.

Premium shelters are located on main roads and/or high traffic locations around the city.

Contact Ooh Media on (07) 3620 2900.

Bus shelter panel types

Council shelters have panels that face both approaching (lead) and departing (trail) directions.

Lead panels usually have better visibility to approaching traffic.

Full lead panel bus advertising

Trail panels can also have great visibility to vehicular traffic, pedestrian traffic and public transport patrons.

Full trail panel bus advertising


Contact Ooh Media for pricing (illuminated) on (07) 3620 2900.

Pricing for Council-managed shelters and seats (non-illuminated) depends on:

  • location - mainland or North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah)
  • type of panel - bus shelter

Pricing is set by Council in the Fees and charges charter each year.

Panel maintenance

The panel maintenance fee is payable per application and/or amendment to a Bus Shelter Advertising Account. The fee is based on the number of panels booked, and covers all costs associated with installing, removing, relocating and cleaning of advertising panels.

Description Unit Fee (inc.GST)
Panel maintenance, 1 to 2 panels booked Up-front payment per application $149.00
Panel maintenance, 3 to 5 panels booked Up-front payment per application $298.00
Panel maintenance, 6 to 8 panels booked Up-front payment per application $447.00

Mainland bus shelters ad space

Description Unit Fee (inc.GST)
Lead OR trail panels Quarterly per panel $614.50

North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah) ad space

Description Unit Fee (inc.GST)
Lead OR trail panels Quarterly per panel $316.50


While Council does not currently offer bulk purchase or pre-pay discounts, presently there is a maximum of 15 panels for each advertiser.

We do offer not-for-profit organisations the following discount: ad space is available at no cost for one quarter at a selected location with a maximum of two on the mainland and five on North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah) and may be continued until a paying client leases the site.  A panel maintenance fee is still payable per application and/or amendment to the account.

For more information, see the bus shelter terms and conditions (on the booking form [PDF, 70KB]) or contact us on (07) 3829 8999.

The booking process

To book or enquire about ad space with Council:

  1. First complete the Bus Shelter Advertising Booking Form [PDF, 70KB]. Note that, in completing this form, you accept Council's terms and conditions for the provision of ad space. And, if you subsequently book sites with us, this serves as your contract with us for the life of your booking.
  2. We then contact you - depending what you have identified - to offer ad space that meets your requirements.  The form lets you identify specific sites or general areas that interest you. There is a maximum of 15 sites per advertiser.
  3. After confirming your sites, Council needs to view the proof of the advertising before going to print to make sure it aligns with Councils policies.
  4. You also receive your first invoice at this time, which includes your panel maintenance fee and the pro-rata fee for your first quarter. Your pro-rata fee is calculated from the date your panel is ready for installation.

You can cancel your booking at any time by providing one month's notice along with completing the cancellation form.

See our terms and conditions (on the booking form) for more information.

(07) 3829 8999 to discuss a potential booking or enquire about locations.