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Fraud and corruption prevention

At Redland City Council we recognise that fraud and corruption prevention and control are integral components of good governance and risk management and should feature predominantly within our systems.

Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy

The Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy [PDF, 0.1MB] outlines our stance on fraud and corruption and forms part of Council’s overall approach to transparent corporate governance.

The policy informs all Council officers, councillors, consultants and contractors of Council’s position regarding fraud and corruption and the consequences of failing to comply with the provisions of the policy.

We are committed to:

  • a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and corruption
  • corruption and fraud control and management as an integral component of effective corporate governance
  • transparent and accountable processes consistent with sound business practices and organisational standards of compliance
  • preventing fraud and corruption and investigating all suspected incidents and taking appropriate action
  • maintaining an integrated fraud and corruption prevention framework to minimise the impact and reduce the risk of fraud and corruption within the work environment.

Fraud and Corruption Prevention Framework

The Fraud and Corruption Prevention Framework [PDF, 0.1MB] is our strategic guideline that:

  • defines management and staff responsibilities
  • ensures the implementation of robust practices for the effective detection, investigation and prevention of fraud and corruption of any description within Council. 

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