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Petitions allow the community to bring matters of concern to Council's attention. Council can be petitioned for any matter that comes under its jurisdiction. A petition must be received by Council seven (7) days prior to the meeting at which it is to be presented.

A petition:

  • makes a request of Council, or expresses an objection or viewpoint
  • has the specific details of the request appear on each page of the petition
  • is signed by ten or more persons
  • contains the name and contact details of the Principal Petitioner
  • includes the postcode of all petitioners

How to complete a petition

  1. Download our Petition to Redland City Council form [PDF 40kB]. This form can also be obtained in person at our customer service centres.
  2. State your request of Council or action required.
  3. The petition must be signed by the principal petitioner and all supporting petitioners.

Where to send a petition

The petition should be:

What happens next?

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