Using dog parks and off-leash areas | Redland City Council

Using dog parks and off-leash areas

Redland City Council maintains around 30 designated dog off-leash areas across the city. The off-leash areas provide exercise and socialisation opportunities in areas of public parkland and beaches.

This provides residents and visitors with enough areas and space to allow their dogs to run around off-leash and socialise with other dogs.

See our map, which shows our list of dog off-leash areas including beaches, as well as places that are prohibited to dogs.

Dog off-leash areas are beneficial for dogs, dog owners and other members of the community as they provide areas in which dogs can exercise and people can build community relationships.

Features and facilities

Most dog off-leash areas are fully fenced and offer seating, water, shaded areas and bins (dog-waste bag dispensers are located in all areas except North Stradbroke Island). Some areas have beach access. Many sites also include:

  • separate small and large dog areas
  • dog agility equipment
  • airlock gates.

Seasonal off-leash areas

Dog off-leash areas have clear signage.

Coochiemudlo and Russell Island off-leash beach areas are available at certain times of the year, and at certain times of the day due to migratory birds.

Dog owner etiquette and obligations

Dog off-leash areas are places where dogs can run free, but dog owners must be mindful of other people and dogs and remember their obligations when visiting:

  • control your dog – it must return to you when called
  • clean up after your dog and dispose of waste responsibly
  • check signs and make sure you're within the off-leash boundary
  • close gates in fenced areas
  • make sure your dog does not chase or disturb birds or other wildlife
  • respect other users and neighbouring residents
  • use off-leash areas during opening hours only
  • put your dog back on the leash when leaving an off-leash area
  • be koala aware.

Unsupervised children and dog owners who can't control their dogs are advised not to use off-leash areas.

Regulated dogs that have been declared dangerous or menacing are NOT permitted to use Council’s off-leash areas at any time.

Dogs are not permitted within and in the areas in front of Council swimming enclosures or within 10 metres of play or fitness equipment.

Dog owners found with their dog off-leash anywhere outside designated off-leash areas will receive an on-the-spot fine under Council’s Local Law No. 2 (Animal Management) 2015.

An owner could be fined up to 20 penalty units if they fail to effectively control their dog and it causes fear, attacks another animal or a person, or causes damage to property. Fines of more than $2,700 could apply.