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Cemeteries and Memorial Gardens in the Redlands Coast

The Redlands Coast is home to six cemeteries and one memorial garden. Currently, three cemeteries are open: two on the mainland and one on North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah) and a memorial garden on Russell Island.

Cleveland Cemetery

Location: 53-71 Wellington Street, Cleveland QLD 4163 (Corner of Russell Street)

Cleveland Cemetery on Google Maps

Cleveland Cemetery bounded by Clarke St, Coburg St, Russell St and Wellington Road was given to Council in 1927. It opened in the 1890’s and replaced a smaller burial ground near current day Lisa Street. The pleasant cemetery grounds are dominated by traditional monumental burial allotments. A cremation garden columbarium where we have garden style interment options and some limited wall niches is centrally located. Currently all the burial allotments have been allocated, however we are working on making a limited number of special new allotments available in the future. To register your interest in a coffin burial allotment please contact our team. For cremation choices please make an appointment with us and we can meet you to discuss what choices we have that may suit your requirements. Cremation memorials can be purchased now for future use.

Redland Bay Cemetery

Location: 19-27 Gordon Road, Redland Bay, QLD 4165

Redland Bay Cemetery on Google Maps

Originally known as North Redland Cemetery, today’s Redland Bay Cemetery located on Gordon Road, Redland Bay hosted our first funeral in 1908. Since then many generations from the Redlands Coast have chosen to be remembered with a burial or cremation memorial at this rural style cemetery.

Lawn burial allotments and cremation garden memorials can be purchased now for future use.

We are excited to announce our newest garden, the Circle Garden. It has provision for single/twin, family 4 or family 6 groupings. The memorials are set amongst aromatic garden beds of Lavender, Rosemary and fragrant gardenia ground covers. Cast bronze memorial plaques are placed on timeless local sandstone memorials. The gardens are maintained free of any additional maintenance fee. As the Tuckeroo tree grows the garden will benefit from dappled shade for visitors to enjoy spending time remembering family and friends. Lawn burial interment have the provision of complimentary bronze plaques to ensure every interment can be marked in a timely way to ease visitation.

In this rural style location you may be lucky enough to see some of our frequent visitors including wallabies and passing native birdlife.

An accessible restroom is located close to the car park.

We share a boundary with the All Saint Anglican parish and we can work with your funeral director to arrange for funerals to be held indoors as well as provide refreshments before or after a service to help on the day.

Come and see for yourself what makes this a special place for so many families and friends. To make an appointment to see what options we have that may be suit your requirements give our team a call or email us. We will meet with you on-site and explain the services and help with any guidance for funeral arrangements or pre-paying a funeral.

Our cemeteries are a local government operation and all proceeds go to the future maintenance and management of each cemetery.

Dunwich Cemetery

Location: Bingle Road (near corner of Yabby Street), North Stradbroke Island, QLD 4183

Dunwich Cemetery on Google Maps

Our historic Dunwich Cemetery is a fascinating and special place for many generations. Originally used by the Benevolent Society who set up on North Stradbroke Island in the 1860’s as a residential care facility, the cemetery came to Councils control in the 1970’s. There are many thousands of interments from the Benevolent Asylum days across the grounds. Currently there are no unallocated earth burial allotments on this historic location; however we have cremation memorials both niche wall and limited garden placements. To record your interest in securing a memorial option in historic Dunwich Cemetery speak with one of our cemetery team.

We also cater for all the interments that may be unmarked with the choice of a plaque on the special Benevolent Society memorial wall,  fashioned from some of the bricks of the original Benelovent Society buildings, this wall takes memorial plaques for those who spent time in the care of the society or who may be interred in the cemetery.

Bay Island Memorial Garden

Location: High Street Russell Island, QLD 4184

Bay Island Memorial Garden on Google Maps

The Bay Island Memorial Garden is located on Russell Island and was opened in November 2017. The new picturesque memorial garden is a place for Moreton Bay Island residents to commemorate and remember family and friends in tranquil surroundings. This special cremation garden is located at the edge of the High Street Nature Belt Park, where family and friends’ ashes may be interred and marked on the garden edge with a cast bronze memorial plaque. Each plaque is 120mm x 80mm and made from the highest quality cast bronze.

The garden offers a peaceful, relaxed environment for visitors. It is a place to quietly reflect and remember, surrounded by nature.

Serpentine Creek Cemetery (inactive)

The original Redland Bay Cemetery, this burial ground is located 398 Serpentine Creek Road (Route 47) and was active from the 1890s until the late 1940’s when the population of the area migrated north to the main centre near Redland Bay and Cleveland. It is currently inactive. Re-interments from here went to the established (North) Redland Bay Cemetery. The site was managed by ‘Trustees” from the 1890s until the site was handed to Redland Council in 1977. Currently a natural landscape the area has previously been used for grazing and timber felling and of course those early funerals and burials.

Help and support

Practical advice about issues of death, grief and loss is available in our  cemeteries of the Redlands Coast brochure [PDF, 0.37MB]

More information

For information about cemetery bookings please refer to cemetery terms, fees and applications, or contact our Interment Services Unit on (07) 3829 8570 or fax (07) 3286 7399.