Redlands Track Park | Redland City Council

The Redlands Track Park is a quality outdoor recreation reserve located in the heart of Redlands Coast.

Visit the park to enjoy:

  • bushwalking and mountain bike trails (25km)
  • paths and cycleways for pedestrians and commuters (2.8km)
  • horse riding tracks (fire trails)
  • natural conservation bushland (239 hectares)
  • Hilliards Creek and riparian corridor
  • WW1/WW2 Rifle Pit Heritage Site
  • events for MTB riders, trail runners, bike orienteers and nature lovers.

Getting there

Enter the Redland Track Park at the following locations:

  • Clarke Street Car Park, Cleveland – Park in the unsealed car park opposite Cleveland Cemetery and enter via the Clarke Street Reserve Tracks. Follow the Flinders Street Pathway to access the main park.
  • McDonald Road / Flinders Street, Alexandra Hills – Park at the corner of McDonald Road and Flinders Street, and enter via the access points on Flinders Street.
  • Brindabella Circuit Park, Teesdale Road, Thornlands – Enter next to the play equipment across the dam wall. Parking is on Brindabella Circuit (via Kinross Road), next to Brindabella Park.
  • Congreve Cresent, Thornlands – Park in new carpark on Congreve Cresent and enter from path next to new trail hut.  

You can also enter from many locations along the edge of the park.

The park reserve is open 4am-10pm daily.

Finding your way around

The Redlands Track Park Map [PDF, 2MB] is your guide to the network of sealed and unsealed trails and paths in the park. To find out where you are in the park, check the numbered bollards and signage at the start and end of each trail. 

You can also scan the QR code on any bollard to download the park map (though you will need mobile coverage to do so).

You can also see all Council trails and reserves on Red-e-map.

Alternatively, for detail on specific trails, trail information, reviews, trail reports, elevation videos and photos and ‘current location’ function, use Trailforks online or on your mobile device. 

Tracks and features

Tracks in the park are graded as either very easy, easy or more difficult to help you know what to expect along the way. Always follow trail etiquette when using the park.

Trail etiquette

Flinders Street Pathway (concrete)

These are very wide, flat tracks with hardened surfaces and no natural obstacles. Very easy tracks are marked in white on the park bollards and map. Tracks of this level include:

Kinross Connection

Kinross Connection is a gravel fire trail that runs from the fire break along the southern edge of the park (between Teesdale and Kinross Road, Thornlands) towards Cleveland. The trail splits into two branches at the concrete works. Take the northern branch, which exits at Enterprise Street.


The Main track is a broad, gravel fire road used as the main east-west access for fire maintenance in the northern part of the park. Watch for water bars and uneven terrain if you descend at speed.

Rifle Pit

This is a wide, multi-use trail linking the end of Weippin Street to a WW2 firing pit located next to Hilliards Creek. The area around Weippin Street, near the Redland Hospital, is also the historic site of a WW1 firing pit, which is still there.

Find information about these historic sites in the Redland Library local history collection. To enquire, email

Rising Main

Rising Main is a broad, gravel fire and maintenance trail.

Sewer Track

The Sewer Track is a broad, gravel fire and maintenance trail.

These are wide tracks with slight gradients; firm, stable surfaces; and a few small obstacles and bridges. Easy tracks are marked in green on the park bollards and map. Tracks of this level include:


The Bondi trail is a winding, fast-flowing, single trail that has been around for years. You'll find a number of log rollovers along the trail.


This Carwash track is a single trail split into two sections. Along the trail you'll find winding sections confined by native Casuarina trees, log rollovers and small table tops. A section of the track also includes doubles and flowing bermed corners for riders. The trail is named after the 'wash' that riders tend to get from the dew-coated Casuarinas that line the trail.


The Creek trail is a flat section of trail that links two fire trails. The trail is flanked by Casuarina trees.

Firing Line

Firing Line riders will fire along this fast-flowing trail. Set among the sparse understory of land that was historically logged and grazed, the track weaves gently through large trees and passes through the historic site for a planned ammunition magazine. While the plan to build the magazine was never carried out, the story lives on in the track's name.

Flow Control

The Flow Control trail weaves its way mostly following the contour of the land. It's very narrow in places between trees, with some exposed roots and rocks, which makes it a lot of fun to ascend or descend when riding.


Hammer trail is a fast-flowing trail that weaves between large gums. It offers a number of log rollovers. On this trail, you can take it easy and enjoy the sights and sounds of the bush, or pick up the pace when riding and test your lungs.

Hilliards Squeeze

Hilliards Squeeze is a gently-sloping trail with no technical trail features. The former property road offers a 'tunnel-like’ experience through the Casuarina trees that have grown on each side. A low-lying bridge crosses a deep gully before the trail ascends into more Casuarina undergrowth. Along the trail, you'll find several important Aboriginal cultural features and sites, such as scar trees.

Lower Magic

The Lower Magic trail runs from the eastern end of the Magic trail toward Rising Main. Significant erosion along this older trail makes it a challenging track for beginners. The trail starts with a big log rollover that you should attempt only if you're a confident rider. The B-line further along the trail is ideal for less experienced riders.


Magic trail is a flat, wide trail with open corners that follows a small ridge line. For riders who want to pick up the pace, this is the fastest riding trail in the park. A walk along the track is a great way to behold large scribbly gums that are more than 200 years old. During spring, you can also enjoy a proliferation of wildflowers.


The Orchid trail winds through open forest and Casuarinas. The single trail offers views to the riparian fringes of Hilliards Creek. The terrain includes sections of step-ups and tree roots, keeping riders and walkers on their toes.


The Platypus trail crosses through a riparian zone of Hilliards Creek, and features a flat creek terrace, rock crossing and short climb. Stop at the creek to take in the view of trickling water, ferns and overhanging paperbark trees.

Power track

Power track is a major fire trail that offers access to several other trails in the park. The track rolls over hills with long slopes and waterbars that you'll need to navigate.

Quit Weippin

This is a short, gently-sloping section of trail that offers an alternative to the Weippin / Long Street fire trail.

The Ramble

The Ramble is a straight and bumpy downslope trail. This is a fun trail where you can get up a bit of speed if riding.


Swamp trail weaves through Casuarina thickets and gums. It offers a gentle gradient with a couple of log rollovers. The trail was originally named after a swampy section along the trail. Trailcarers have now rerouted the trail around this swamp area.

Teesdale Kinross

This is a grassy undulating fire trail that marks the southern boundary of the track park. It links Teesdale Road to the Kinross Road entrance of the park. Use this trail to access the Firing Line, Candy, Kinross Connection, Spiderbaby and Pool Shark trails.

Upper Magic

The Upper Magic is an easy trail with some elevation, a couple of berms and a small rocky patch. The trail begins at the midpoint of the Orchid trail then crosses the Sewer Track, bending around to end at the Magic trail/Sewer Track junction.

Scorpion Rock

This trail transverses grassy areas with the occasional small rocky sections. The trail is accessed from the Ramble trail and can be ridden both ways. 

More difficult tracks are more challenging than other tracks in the park. These tracks narrow in places and may have variable terrain and gradients, uneven surfaces, and natural or purpose-built technical trail features and obstacles. Difficult tracks are marked in blue on the park bollards and map. Tracks of this level include:

Anti Gravity

This fire trail on the western side of the track park descends sharply down a loose and rocky section before reaching firmer ground at a lower altitude. Watch for erosion ruts and a large patch of sand as you descend. Mountain bike riders and walkers often climb this section of track to improve their fitness and climbing skills.


Candy track is a flowy trail with a gentle gradient that weaves its way through Casuarina trees and Eucalypt woodlands. While the trail has easy turns, it also offers low logs, small tree roots and a large log rollover with a B line. One end of the track is a fun section of rolling rises and descents that pass between trees and dirt mounds left by old quarrying activities.


Downpipe is a more difficult trail that is best ridden from north to south. The trail weaves its way downslope, across grassy sideslopes and through a number of loose rocky descending corners. It then levels out to loamy flats and crosses a very small bridge before ascending again to meet the Luge trail.  


Constructed like a luge, this winding trail offers berms on most corners. You can enjoy the trail going either up or down.

Pool Shark

The Pool Shark is a cross between a nature trail and a pump track. It is a fun and 'twisty' trail built on dirt mounds leftover from historical soil dumping activities. The trail is set among thick Casuarina regrowth and offers various log features, sharp rises and descents, doubles and blind corners. The trail is downhill and is one way.

Spider Baby

Spider Baby is similar in construction to the Pool Shark trail but is more open. The trail includes large mounds – some more than 4m high – that provide a fantastic experience for more advanced riders. The descending trail also offers sharp steep rises and descents and some small drop-off features. 

Weippin in the Bowl

Weippin in the Bowl is a small section of trail that includes a large bowl-shaped feature where riders can ascend or descend a near vertical wall.


This trail has large dirt mounds like a pump track with dips, and sharp short ascents and descents weaving tightly between groves of with casuarina trees. The trail can be accessed from the start of Spider Baby (one-way) trail. About 50m in on the right.

Facilities and amenities

There are three trailhead shelters located in the Redland Track Park. These are at the Clarke Street entrance, McDonald Road entrance and the other at the Congreve Cresent. These have a seat, maps, water, horse/dog trough and bike racks/horse hitching rail.

Our water troughs have been installed and designed to safely accommodate all potential users including dogs and horses.

Redlands Track Park trough

There are not yet public amenities in Redlands Track Park. For the nearest public toilets, go to:

  • Bloomfield Street, in the Cleveland Town Centre
  • Keith Surridge Park, Finucane Road, Alexandra Hills
  • Alexandra Hills Shopping Centre, Finucane Road, Alexandra Hills.

Toilets are also located at the Cleveland Aquatic Centre in Russell Street, Cleveland. You may be allowed free entry to use the toilets at the discretion of staff.

Local attractions

Extend your track park experience and visit some of our local attractions. The following destinations are within riding distance of the track park:

  • Cleveland Town Centre
  • Alexandra Hill Hotel
  • Cleveland Hospital
  • Cleveland Aquatic Centre
  • Redland Museum
  • The Black Swamp
  • Cleveland Railway Station 
  • Raby Bay.

Cafes and eateries are located 1.5km from the Clarke Street entrance to the park in the Cleveland CBD.

Events and rides

Riding group

There is one MTB riding group currently running group rides in the Redlands Track Park. All riders are welcome – simply come along at the time and location listed. Be sure to contact other riders beforehand and check who is attending if the weather is uncertain.

RATS Cycling Club riding group:
The group meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5.30am starting in the McDonalds carpark, Delancey Street, Cleveland.
Contact details are available on the RATS website.

Host an event

To host a nature or recreation-based event in the Redlands Track Park, submit a booking request by email or call (07) 3829 8999. Events must be compatible with our guidelines on using the parks and conservation areas.


The Redland Track Park Concept and Development Plan [PDF 9MB] outlines how trails and facilities will enhance the visitor experience of the reserve.

Connect with us

Tell us what you think about the track park on the Redlands Track Park Facebook page. You can also follow the page to find out about trail improvements and events, group rides and volunteer trailcare days.

To find out more about Redlands Track Park, contact us on 07 3829 8999 or by email.