Trail etiquette for track parks | Redland City Council

Trail etiquette for track parks

When using track parks, be sure to follow some simple trail etiquette:

  • Stay on the trails - don't cut corners.
  • Use tracks only in dry weather. We may close the park in wet conditions to preserve tracks.
  • Obey all signs.
  • Respect wildlife.
  • Enjoy yourself.

Trail use

  • Cyclists and walkers are permitted on fire trails (vehicle maintenance trails) and single trails (i.e. a single track or singletrack, which is a narrow mountain biking trail approximately the width of the bike).
  • Horses are permitted only on fire trails (i.e. fire road or vehicle maintenance trail that is wide enough for four-wheeled off-road vehicles) or where signed to do so.

Give way

Always give way to horses and their riders. When cycling, you must also give way to walkers.

Pass with courtesy

Passing a walker

  • Greet walkers early.
  • Pass slowly and be prepared to stop.
  • Be cautious around animals and children, who may be easily startled.

Passing a cyclist

  • Announce to the cyclist that you intend to pass. Use the phrases, 'on your left' or 'on your right to tell them which side you will pass on.
  • If you are being being passed on a single track, stop to the side and lean away from the passing cyclist.

Passing a horse rider

  • Stop at least 10m from the horse and rider.
  • Wait for the rider to give you the go-ahead to pass.
  • Pass slowly and steadily, as sudden movements can spook a horse.

Common courtesy

Respect for others, common sense and common courtesy go a long way towards ensuring that everyone has a great experience in Redlands Coast's track parks.

Dogs on leash

Dogs must be on-leash in all reserves unless otherwise signed or prohibited under Council's animal management local laws. Make sure you have control of your dog at all times and take extra care on tracks used by horse riders, cyclists and children.

Motorbikes (trail bikes) and motorised vehicles

Trail bikes and 4WDs are not authorised in Councils reserves and track parks.

Trail bikes quickly cause serious impacts to single trail and fireroads. This increases maintenance costs, causes erosion, and wastes the many hours that volunteers have worked to develop and maintain the trail systems.

Please report this activity to Council.