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Bud Lighting on Council Street Trees

Bud Lighting

Tree Management Alterations

Redland City Council supports the installation of bud lighting in Council street trees by local businesses in eligible streets within Redland City. Council encourages these creative streetscapes and night attractions. Currently Council is open to applications for Bud Lighting in Wellington Point, Cleveland Village Centre, Capalaba and Redland Bay. Other locations around Redland City will be considered in the future. See eligible streets.

Bud lighting is a string of small lights, often referred to as fairy lights. Warm, white light colour that is consistent throughout a business precinct is very effective.

  • Lighting must be white or warm white, colours lighting is not permitted
  • Strobing or flashing lights are not permitted.

It is important that bud lights are extra-low voltage, and are properly installed and maintained to protect the safety of those installing the lights, the public and the health of our street trees.


Eligible applicants

  • A collective business group for a permitted street location/streetscape, with permit application considered for a single business where they are not part of a group of shops or commercial premises.
  • Incorporated groups, such as local business associations and Chambers of Commerce, can apply to install bud lights to street trees in a precinct.
  • Unincorporated groups, such as a group of tenants or landlords, can co-ordinate a proposal for a precinct submitted/sponsored by individual business owners or tenants.


Eligible locations

To enable both individual business owners and groups of businesses to improve their precincts, Council will allow bud lighting in permitted Council street tree locations.

At this stage Wellington Point, Cleveland Village Centre, Capalaba and Redland Bay are the only locations that are permitted where Bud Lighting on street trees can be approved. Additional street tree locations will be considered in the future.

Permitted zones (see Permitted Street Locations);

How to apply

Eligible applicants can apply for a free permit using Council’s online application form.

Ensure that you include the following information with your application:

  • Plan/s Clearly identifying:
    • property boundary including awnings and structures
    • location of power source /indication of wiring
    • estimate of tree height
    • distance from street tree from footpaths and road reserve -location of bus stops and traffic lights if applicable
    • tree trunk diameter estimate and canopy estimate
    • photo of the tree(s) proposed to be lit
  • Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance to the value of $20 million

Council Assessment

Applications containing all relevant information will be assessed promptly and approved applicants will be issued a permit, with conditions, for up to three (3) years. Permit holders will be responsible for ensuring compliance with installation requirements and ongoing maintenance of the bud lighting for the duration of the permit.

Street trees are valued Council natural assets and are protected under the Policy 3128 Natural Environment Policy. Permits for bud lighting are subject to application requirements, to ensure public safety, ongoing maintenance of the lighting and protection of the trees. 

Downloadable Forms and Documents

All relevant documentation is available to download:




How do I apply for a Bud Lighting Permit?

Complete Application Form (001-Bud Lighting) and provide all associated documentation including; Application Requirements (002-Bud Lighting), Maintenance Checklist 003-Bud Lighting and plans, images and sketches.

Is there an application fee for a Bud Lighting Permit?

No, there is no fee to apply for a Bud Lighting Permit.

Noting: all associated costs with installing the bud lighting is the responsibility of the applicant.

Am I eligible to apply?

  • Yes, if you are a part of a business group who operates in the permitted streets location.
  • Yes, if you a single business not a part of a business streetscape precinct.
  • No, single business located within a business streetscape precinct.

Who pays for the cost of the Bud Lights?

Applicant must cover all costs associated with Installation, Maintenance and Repairs as per “002 – Bud Lighting Application Requirements

Who is responsible for installing the Bud lights?

Applicant is responsible for the installation process including, abiding by “Process of installation

  • wrap lights starting at base of tree,
  • lights must be securely wrapped around branches of no less than 50mm,
  • allow for one hand width under bud lighting/wiring/cords  

Who maintains the Bud Lights?

Applicant is responsible for maintaining the lights for the entirety of the permit period (3yrs). As part of the permit application applicants are require to sign a maintenance declaration “003 – Bud Lighting Maintenance Checklist”.

Who maintains the street tree?

Council is the owner of the street tree and is the only permitted party to trim, tidy or lop trees. If a tree requires attention please contact Redland City Council (07) 3829 8999.

Can I leave the Bud Lighting in the Street Tree for longer than 3 years?

Yes, if you apply for your permit to be renewed (001 – Bud Lighting on Council Street Trees) and provide all installation documentation from your original permit and complete a new declaration of maintenance checklist at least 1 month prior to end of permit period.

Will I be notified if my Bud Lighting permit is ending?

Yes, the permit holder will receive a letter 3 months prior to the end of permit period allowing permits to be renewed no later than 1 month prior to the end of the permit.

If I don’t renew my Bud Lighting permit will my lights be removed?

Yes, a Council representative will inform the permit holder of the lapsed permit and provide 7 business days for the permit holder to remove the lights. If this does not occur Council will remove and dispose of any remaining lights.

What if I already have lights in a street tree in front of my business?

Consult with Council – Safety check will be performed by a Council officer to identify if the lights are an immediate risk to the public. If lights are a risk they will be removed immediately.

More information

For further information, phone Council on (07) 3829 8999