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Redlands Coast youth – support and activities

Redlands Coast Youth - support and activities

Council recognises that young people make a significant contribution to the social, economic and cultural life of our community. Council is committed to the safe places and spaces in the city that accommodate the needs of young people and advocates for young people in the Redlands to learn, earn, and participate in the community.

Council supports a number of initiatives to support young people across Redlands Coast:

Activate Redlands Coast Youth Week

In recognition of the great work that youth organisations do, Redland City Council offers a funding support program for Activate Redlands Coast Youth Week events.

Not-for-profit youth organisations that are located in other cities, as well as our local organisations operating in the youth space on Redlands Coast, are encouraged to apply through an Expression of Interest (EOI) process for up to $2,000 of funding to deliver a free event or activity during Activate Redlands Coast Youth Week 11-17 April 2023.  

Activate Redlands Coast Youth Week EOI application round will open on Monday 6 February 2023 and close on Friday 3 March 2023. Apply now!

Activate Redlands Coast Youth Week Funding

Activate Redlands Coast Youth Week Program – terms and conditions

  1. Not-for-profit organisations can apply for up to $2,000 to facilitate a free event or activity during Activate Redlands Coast Youth Week 2023.
  2. The target audience is for young people between 12 and 24 years of age.
  3. Funded event or activity must be held during Activate Redlands Coast Youth Week 11 April to 17 April 2023 (dates set by the Queensland Government).
  4. Commercial companies and school P&Cs are ineligible to apply.
  5. Your organisation must either:
  6. be based in Redland City; or
  7. a not-for-profit organisation based outside of Redland City that delivers a service to the Redlands Coast community.
  8. Written landowner’s consent from Redland City Council must be provided where the project is on Council owned or managed land e.g. park bookings. Payment of the park or Redland City Council facility bookings can be expended from funds provided by Redland City Council to the successful recipients.
  9. Expending funding money can only be used on expenses outlined in the budget section of the application form. Evidence of expenditure must be provided on the acquittal of the funding.
  10. Any changes to the funded event or activity must be agreed to by Redland City Council prior to the delivery of event or activity.
  11. The number of applicants awarded funding and the value of funding will be at Redland City Council’s discretion and will reflect the merit of applications, and in particular, the needs of the city. Council reserves the right to offer applicants a lesser amount than requested.
  12. Events and activities funded through the Activate Redlands Coast Youth Week Program must be open to all young people living on Redlands Coast and not limited to only young people who already access services provided by an organisation (successful funding recipient organisation).
  13. Applicants must include Public Liability Insurance in the application. It is important to note that only events managed and controlled by Council are covered under its public liability insurance policy and the policy indemnifies Council and no other party. All other event organisers are required to provide a certificate of currency for $20,000,000 that covers the duration and scope of the event and notes Redland City Council as an interested party. You should also ensure that any other party or provider associated with your event has public liability cover in place and that evidence of this cover is provided to you prior to the event.
  14. Photocopies of current Blue Cards (working with children check) of all persons associated with the delivery of the Activate Redlands Coast Youth Week Funding Program must be kept by the funded organisation and available to Redland City Council if required.
  15. Organisations must manage their own bookings and participant enquiries.
  16. Redland City Council will assist with the promotion of events collectively with other Activate Redlands Coast Youth Week recipients’ events as part of the Activate Redlands Coast Youth Week Celebrations.
  17. Only the logos of Redland City Council and Redlands Coast will be used on Council promotional material and names of partner organisations will be included.
  18. Organisations are encouraged to promote their own events as Council will not share individual organisation’s promotional posts on social media.
  19. Organisations are encouraged to share social media posts of the event/activity as evidence of the event/activity taking place.
  20. Successful recipients will be notified of application outcome no later than 14 days after applications close.
  21. Funding agreements to be emailed to successful applicants within seven days of the notification of a successful application.
  22. Distribution of funds will be made within seven to 14 days after receipt of signed funding agreement.
  23. Acquittal must be submitted by Friday 21 April 2023.

What will not be funded

The Activate Redlands Coast Youth Week Program supports events and activities that provide free things for young people to do, as well as provide support to build capacity for youth organisations on Redlands Coast. Activities that are considered to be outside of the scope of the program or are the responsibility of the applicant or their identified partners will be deemed ineligible.

The following activities are ineligible for funding under this program: 

  • Event/activity for fundraising purposes where proceeds will be provided to a third party;
  • Event/activity of a political nature or those which incorporate political activities;
  • Event/activity operated for commercial purposes;
  • Day-to-day operational costs for an organisation, including staff wages, rent and insurances (unless there is evidence it is an additional expense incurred by the funded project); 
  • Event/activity which begin before funding is awarded (no funding will be awarded retrospectively);
  • Payment of debts to any entity including Council;
  • Event/activity costs already supported through other levels of government; 
  • Identical event/activity that has been funded under any other Council programs including: operational funds; Sponsorship; the Regional Arts Development Fund; and the Mayor and Councillors Community Benefit Fund;  
  • Project costs incurred outside the funding period;
  • Purchase of alcohol, prize money or prizes including gift cards; and
  • Donations.

How is the application assessed?

Both the applicant and the project must be eligible for funding for the application to be considered. Only information contained in an application will be assessed.

 The project will be assessed and weighted on the quality of the information and how well it meets the assessment criteria identified below:

Capacity building

  • How funding for this event or activity will assist with building capacity for the youth organisation.

Value for money

  • evidence of event/activity is open to all Redlands Coast young people; and
  • budget is comprehensive, realistic and represents value for money.

Ability to deliver

  • a project plan demonstrates capacity of the organisation to undertake all aspects of the project, including evaluations, marketing, deadlines and the acquittal process; and
  • an in-kind or monetary contribution towards the overall cost of the project is evident.



Council organises, or supports community organisations to undertake, many initiatives throughout the year for Redlands Coast Youth. These include workshops, school holiday activities, forums, community events and opportunities for young people to have their say. Ways to connect with Council and the community:

Council's youth social media channel:

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School holiday activities: sign up for Council's school holiday activities. A range of activities are available for all ages.


Other community organisations and activities, youth services: for information on youth services and activities available on Redlands Coast search My Community Directory.

Planning tools: information on tools created to support the Redlands Youth Strategy. Find the full list of planning tools and documents