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Redlands Coast Young Legends Awards

On Thursday 15 April 2021, Redland City Council hosted the inaugural Redlands Coast Young Legends Awards at the Redland Performing Arts Centre. The calibre of the 39 finalists for these awards was truly outstanding, In recognition of their achievements, the winners and finalists stories are outlined below.

Young Legend of the Year Award

Harry Taske, Winner – Young Legend of the Year Award

In addition to Harry's sporting achievements, he has always been community-minded and has always had a passion to help those in need. From a very young age, Harry found ways to volunteer his time. He has always looked out for the “kid with no friends” to sit with. Helping people grew into a passion of his and every year (since he was 8), he has chosen an organisation that supports those who are less fortunate than himself and he rallies the community to help collect donations of goods for these charities (along with his brother, Clancy).

The first two years (2015 and 2016), he worked with our Kindy to collect, pack and donate Christmas hampers for homeless people in 2019, Harry was awarded the Iona Old Boys Medal for Community Spirit. Apart from charity organisations, Harry has always loved helping younger people. He has been a prep mentor, sports captain and student council member. Harry is also keen to lend a hand at various sporting clubs, volunteering for BBQs, and directing cars at sporting venues.

Jacob Nicholls, Winner – Young Legend of the Year Award

Jacob is a lovely young man who is kind and caring. He is always thinking of others and goes out of his way to help others less fortunate. He is an enthusiastic young man with a real zest for life which is infectious. He is truly an inspiration!

Jacob has been an outstanding role model from volunteer work at local community radio station BayFM to his ongoing support in the fight against Mental Health issues in our community.

Jacob’s volunteer work at BayFM 100.3, Redlands community radio station, cannot go unnoticed. His commitment to our local station to deliver news, information & updates on air & via the Outdoor Broadcast van are very important & a vital part of our community. He also helped to orchestrate a partnership with BayFM and RedCity Roar basketball Club doing sports reports for BayFM every weekend. He also volunteers at Mission to Seafarers Brisbane & SES.

Josh Kuskopf, Finalist – Young Legend of the Year Award

Josh works incredibly hard at his Redland Coast business, which he started when he graduated year 12. When he left school, Josh launched SplashZone Media, which now employs three Redlands Coast residents under the age of 18 in a media role, providing a great on-the-job experience before they leave school.  The team create content for Redlands City Council, State and Federal Members, Redlands businesses and other organisations across the Redlands. Aside from this, Josh has created Redlands Zone which has grown to have more than 25,000 followers in under two years! Through this, Josh has helped keep the community connected, and safe when alerts are issued or incidents are occurring.

Juanita Kirk, Finalist – Young Legend of the Year Award

Juanita is the kindest bubbly person you will ever meet. She contributes a lot to everyone’s daily lives. Juanita is the first person to ask if you’re ok, and will sit with you and make sure you are ok. She puts everyone before herself while still maintaining top marks at school, she’s just an overall legend, whether its kindness, generosity or gratitude, Juanita has it all.

Kailee Spencer, Finalist – Young Legend of the Year Award

Kailee has been a full time casual educator at Bayside Park Early Education Centre for more than a year. A year that had challenges and impacted her peers. Kailee has also been impacted through work uncertainty, yet has maintained a welcoming smile and provided support to children from embattled families in uncertain times. Kailee is always on time if not early, the first to put her hand up to help, and is such a credit in her young years. Newly engaged, Kailee is a committed partner, cherished family member, loyal friend and a stand-out community member.

Leah Lever, Finalist – Young Legend of the Year Award

Leah demonstrates leadership and triumph over adversity, and wants other young people to know that what makes you different can become your strongest asset. Once too shy to use her voice in public, Leah now speaks and sings out strongly, demonstrating that resilience, perseverance, and commitment can break down barriers.

Leah skipped Years 11 and 12, and has been the youngest student ever accepted into the University of Southern Queensland to study music full-time, at 15. In 2020, Leah graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Music) With Distinction – topping the class at just 18 years old. Now, in 2021 Leah is studying at the nation’s leading performing arts facility – the National Institute of Dramatic Art – where she was one of only two Queenslanders and the only Queensland female to be accepted into the musical theatre course. Leah is known as a Redlands music icon for her commitment to the study and performance of music, her music leadership, and community spirit in the Redlands Coast.

Leah has worked hard to contribute to the community – especially performing mini concerts to people who would otherwise miss out simply because they can’t get out. This includes elderly people in Redlands’ Hospital residential care facility where she became the youngest Queensland Health volunteer entertainer in the region, and staging a concert for the Donald Simpson Centre in 2020 –which helped raise income for the centre and promoted the recommencement of activities after COVID-19.

Leighton Fleming-Willmott, Finalist – Young Legend of the Year Award

Leighton has lived on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands for most of his life. Leighton came to Running Wild in early 2019 to take part in the Skilling Queenslanders for Work, Work Skills Traineeships in our Conservation and Land Management Program.  Leighton volunteered his time at our first social enterprise, Containers for Change (CFC), to assist in sorting containers. Leighton also got involved in Running Wild's first-ever Creative Arts Program where, as a senior young person he was a natural leader and displayed a level of enthusiasm that was unmatched. Leighton was the creator of the ‘Curlew Wars’ theatre production and with the help of his newfound friends in the program, a script was created from the young people’s stories that resulted in capacity crowds at both live performances.  

Priscilla Stephens, Finalist – Young Legend of the Year Award

Priscilla is a role model in every sense. She uses her influence on social media to inspire girls with confidence. In 2020, Priscilla was a Junior Vice-Captain of Creative Industries and has competed at dance nationals. Priscilla has been featured in Applause Magazine and was interviewed on Channel 9 for the Gold Coast Fashion Project. Priscilla also volunteers at her church: cleaning, serving coffee and more. Throughout the Covid-19 season, Priscilla posted on Instagram about rising above adversity.

Community Commitment Award

Zoe Bodle, Winner – Community Commitment Award

Zoe is a very accomplished student, however it is Zoe's tireless commitment to organisations outside of school which really sets her apart. Zoe has been a member of Scouts for about eight years. Zoe is now a patrol leader at Birkdale and has been a patrol leader at the Australian Jamboree in 2019. Zoe has been secretary and is currently the chairperson for the Capalaba Venturers.

One of the things Zoe does as part of Scouts that makes her most proud is volunteering at Agoonoree. This is a camp run by Scouts Queensland for the first week of the September school holidays and this year will be her fifth year volunteering there. This camp provides kids with special needs the opportunity to experience a Scout camp. For the duration of the week the Scouts help their guests in all areas of camp life: sleeping & eating together, ensuring hygiene is maintained as well as running activities or assisting their guests to participate in activities. Zoe absolutely loves this camp and seeing the joy in their guest's faces. Zoe has formerly been recognised with an Australian Scout Medallion in 2019 and is currently working towards achieving the Queen's Scout Award. On top of all this, Zoe has played hockey for Redlands for the past six years and has been awarded her black belt for Taekwondo. She is also currently learning to play guitar.

Ashleigh Walker, Finalist – Community Commitment Award

Ashleigh is a very valued and talented member of Capalaba State College and the wider local community. Ashleigh, a college captain, has always demonstrated outstanding leadership skills due to her strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Ashleigh was a member of the first World Scholar teams to compete at the local round, Athens Global round and then the Yale University Tournament of Champions in 2017, where she carried the Australian flag and came home with medals. Ashleigh has also been placed within the top ten more than once for debating as World Scholars competitions held in Brisbane.

Having represented her school at chess and maths, Ashleigh is Instrumental Band Captain and was Section Leader last year. Ashleigh has been involved in the Redlands Scene Project for six years, completed a Certificate III at TAFE, and has participated in Girl Guides.

Ashleigh is a part of the Mass ensemble with Harvest Rain 3 shows, has participated in the musicals 'Hairspray' in Brisbane and 'Grease' in Brisbane and Sydney.  

Ashleigh also helps to run Kaos: Friday night youth group for primary school students, and is involved in her local church. .

Bree Egstorf, Finalist – Community Commitment Award

Bree is involved in many clubs and groups at Alexandra Hills State High School (AHSHS). Bree is in the Dance Troupe, specialising in contemporary, jazz and musical theatre. Bree is also in the Aerobic Team. She is not only a singles competitor, but she is also a junior team coach. Bree also volunteers her time as part of the Tech Crew here at AHSHS, and helps to run the A/V equipment for all major events at the school. Bree is also an Alex Ambassador, a role which sees her welcome new students to the school, befriend them and mentor them to make their transition smooth. On top of this, Bree is a Literacy Tutor who devotes her time to help younger students who struggle with reading and writing. Bree is also a long-standing member of the Student Council.

Darko Marjanovic, Finalist – Community Commitment Award

Darko has made an outstanding contribution to the Redlands Rays baseball club by offering his time and services to the club in a number of areas. Darko assists in the canteen, grounds and club maintenance and aiding in the construction of games for our 25th anniversary weekend. Darko further volunteers his time to operate the batting cage, and has helped with the coaching of junior teams. He is consistent in his efforts and has a great rapport with junior members of the club.

David Goddard, Finalist – Community Commitment Award

David has assumed many leadership roles throughout his time at school. David has been a Junior School Captain, an Executive Member of the Student Council and a member of Leo Club (linked with the Lions Club). David has also been an Alex Ambassador since year 9. In this role, he has welcomed new students to the school and has mentored and befriended them to help them settle in to a new school environment. On top of this, David has played key roles in several big events we have had here at school. He has been a presenter at ANZAC parades, Awards Night and Badge Ceremonies. He even represented our school, with his fellow school leaders, at the 2019 Redlands City Council Senior Week Concert. Perhaps David's most unique contribution to our school community is that he is the founder and President of the Alexandra Hills State High School Tabletop Gaming Club.

Jacob Nicholls, Finalist – Community Commitment Award

Jacob’s volunteer work at BayFM 100.3, Redlands community radio station, cannot go unnoticed. His commitment to our local station to deliver news, information & updates on air & via the Outdoor Broadcast van are very important & a vital part of our community. He also helped to orchestrate a partnership with BayFM and RedCity Roar basketball Club doing sports reports for BayFM every weekend. He also volunteers at Mission to Seafarers Brisbane & SES.

Kalab Brand, Finalist – Community Commitment Award

Kalab is an outstanding member of the Redlands Rays Baseball club, volunteering his time across many areas of the club. In addition to his personal achievements on the field, Kalaba consistently offers much of his time to operations such as the canteen and field maintenance. Kalab exudes joy in his commitment to the club, he cleans and conducts maintenance on the fields during working bees, and regularly announces scores of the live division 1 games. He is an invaluable member of the Rays and greater baseball community.

Mini Muddies Instructors, Finalists – Community Commitment Award

Each Friday afternoon a dedicated group of community minded teenagers –known as Mini Muddies Instructors – provide their time to energise, excite and encourage Redlands kids to be active and achieve their best.

The Mini Muddies group includes Karina Arbon, Josephine Beqiri, Hayley Bush, Ella Carmichael, Jaxon Ford, Ashlee Forsyth, Skye Forsyth, Sophie Honeyfield, Kate Johnstone, Jayda Little, Josh McNamara, Michaela McNamara, Ella Peters, Harry Taske, Ruby Thoms and Charlotte Wells.

Keeping the attention of over seventy kids, aged four to seven, as they are instructed through a sports training program, would challenge most experienced adults. Our teenage Instructors of the Redlands Touch Football Mini Muddies program make it look easy. When asked what the impetus was for them to become a Mini Muddies Instructor, an almost universal response was a desire to allow others to experience the fun and enjoyment they had as a result of playing touch football from an early age.

With an outstanding level of ongoing commitment and consistency each week, 17 Mini Muddies Instructors show a tremendous sense of community mindedness. Their aim is to instil in our Mini Muddies participants the lifelong love of an active lifestyle and the joy that comes from being involved in community sport.

Environment and Sustainability Award

Layne Utz, Finalist and Winner – Environment and Sustainability Award

Layne began picking up litter in 2018 by himself, giving up countless hours and days of his time to keep the environment trash free, and later created his Litter Legends group on Facebook to inspire other volunteers to help save our environment. The dedication and selflessness of this young man is amazing and the Redlands is lucky to have him out there, keeping our naturally wonderful environment beautiful.

Layne works tirelessly to keep the Redlands free of litter. He began in his local streets picking up rubbish in his spare time after school. I became aware of Layne through social media and joined him in his efforts to clean Boundary Rd and then German Church Road every Sunday. He has fundraised to buy a trailer so that he can take litter directly to the tip. He volunteers regularly with Ocean Crusaders and won an Australia Day Award this year.

Sports Leadership and Achievement Award

Delonte Lavender, Winner – Sports Leadership and Achievement Award

Delonte’s determination, stoic and resilient approach that he takes on all aspects of his schooling, professional and social life are an inspiration to all. What sets Delonte apart from many already established professional athletes in the world, is his ability to utilise his own skills sets, leadership qualities and understanding of the game of basketball to uplift and unify his team and community.

Delonte has moulded a new culture within our basketball programs over the past two years and I have seen that he does this on a club and state level as well.’ For Delonte fostering culture, respect and reverence in the sport is his unrecognised passion. Supporting his school and community throughout the 2020/2021 COVID-19 outbreak, volunteering through mentoring, coaching and refereeing, being voted by his Junior Secondary peers to be Junior Secondary Leader of Capalaba State College, and also leading by example on the court makes Delonte Lavender our community’s Sporting Leadership and Achievement Legend for 2021.

Ben Cooper, Winner – Sports Leadership and Achievement Award

Ben Cooper has been an active member of Cleveland Air Magic, Australia’s premier rope skipping club, since 2011. During this time Ben has competed at an elite level both in Australia and around the world. He has also shown true leadership qualities and become a valuable coach within our club and is also one of the highest qualified judges in Australia and volunteers with judging on an international level. His achievements as an athlete speak for themselves, he has achieved State, National and International accolades. Ben has been training and competing at the pinnacle of his chosen sport both as an individual and as a member of the world championship winning team for over 10 years.

Ben’s dedication to the world of competitive jump rope and continuation as an elite athlete has assisted in growing the profile of the sport of rope skipping. Ben has played a crucial role in the development of junior skippers through his involvement with Skipping Australia. Ben is truly passionate about his own journey but also that of his team mates and junior skippers. He has tirelessly helped the club and the sport, coaching all levels of skippers from 6 years to 20 years old. Ben freely gives of his time and experience and always goes the extra mile to help young athletes reach their goals. He is a very active and involved member of the club and continues to give back to the community, he has a very generous spirit and constantly motivates and mentors those around him to strive for better.

Alexander Maier, Finalist – Sports Leadership and Achievement Award

Alex has shown an outstanding commitment to his development on and off the court for RedCity Roar Basketball Association. As a player he was part of the first RedCity Roar team to qualify for Division 1 State Championships as part of the U18M team. Alex volunteered to take on the responsibility of Junior Referees Coordinator and aids in the recruitment and development of our new referees for junior competitions at a time when RedCity Roar has experienced unprecedented growth.

Allissa Stone, Finalist – Sports Leadership and Achievement Award

Allissa is an excellent young athlete in a number of sports including diving and gymnastics, however has been nominated for her achievements in her first year of Baseball for the Redlands Rays.. In her rookie season, Allisa she has rapidly advanced her skills as regular catcher and occasional pitcher for her team. Alissa has been selected to compete at regional level for both women's and open teams, excels as a sports person, and embodies the spirit of a team player. Alissa models sportsmanship to her team and mentors younger players. Alissa is the first to raise her hand to volunteer, helping in the club canteen, field maintenance and assisting on working bee days.

Bridget Lyle, Finalist – Sports Leadership and Achievement Award

Bridget has played representative level basketball (most recently for the Southern District Basketball Association) and is an integral member of her school’s Basketball Academy. Bridget has been highly commended by her coach, Nathan Powell, for her work ethic and commitment to her team. Beyond being a great competitor, Bridget volunteers to coach younger players for the Alex Hills Raiders Basketball Club. Last year, Bridget coached an Under 14 boys’ team and, this year, she is the assistant coach to the U16 girls' team. Bridget devotes her time to run weekly training sessions and to coach at weekend games. Bridget is also a Level 3 qualified score table official and does volunteer and paid score table work at a high level. While Bridget's primary sport is basketball, she also does riding lessons and show jumping for Sara Weiss Performance Horses, and has won a number of 1st and 2nd places for her 60cm and 70cm events.

Harry Williamson, Finalist – Sports Leadership and Achievement Award

Harry is a current, talented, and well-respected BMX rider for Redlands BMX Club. A quiet achiever, Harry has competed at Club, SEQ, and interstate, State, National, and even the World Titles in Belgium in 2019. Harry has an infectious enthusiasm and dedication to BMX that rubs off on not just the kids, but the adults as well. Harry has also been recognised with a 'Riders Choice Award' at Redlands BMX. Harry is encouraging, supportive, and assists in Commentating at Club and SEQ events. Harry can also be found assisting the track race-ready at Working Bees and Club nights to help get racing underway without being asked.

Reid Kemna, Finalist – Sports Leadership and Achievement Award

Reid is an integral part of our highly successful Division 1 team playing catcher for the Redlands Rays. Despite his own training commitments, Reid has selflessly and single-handedly taken on the coaching of the Senior League (under 16) team. This is one of the most difficult age groups to motivate and manage. With many of the team's players new to the sport this year, the team found themselves at the bottom of the table. Despite this, Reid has never faltered, and continues to mentor the team. Reid is an absolute asset to the club.

William D’Arcy, Finalist – Sports Leadership and Achievement Award

After many years playing school, state and national Volleyball, William was offered and accepted a place at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), commencing in January this year. William is currently a full-time member of the Australian Volleyball Academy based at the AIS.

Congratulations to all award winners and finalists. 

Redlands Coast Youth

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The Redland Youth Strategy 2015-2020 is a living document that outlines Council's strategy for considering the needs and experiences of young people in our planning processes. The strategy focuses on five key commitments:

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  • Learning and earning opportunities
  • Participation and connection to the community

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