Online forms: Tell us about a problem

Tell us about a problem

Please use the form below to report a problem - e.g. potholes, tree pruning and street sign repairs.

To give us some feedback or make a suggestion, please use the feedback form.   

To make a complaint about a councillor's or staff member's behaviour, or one of our services, please use the complaint form

If your enquiry is about waste and recycling, please visit our bins request page.


In accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009 and principles, we will endeavour to keep information about the reported problem confidential. However, when collecting personal information about you in order to receive and deal with the reported problem, Council does so using fair and lawful means related to problem-handling functions.

Unless you specify otherwise, we will proceed on the basis that you consent to disclosure of necessary and relevant personal information to officers and other parties to assist Council to assess and resolve the reported problem. Your personal information will not otherwise be disclosed unless you consent or the disclosure is required or authorised by law. For more information, please refer to our Privacy page

Tell us about a problem
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