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Parks and Conservation Planned Burn Program

Parks and conservation planned burn

Redland City Council, in conjunction with the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services- Urban & Rural (QFES), other adjoining Local Government Authorities, and Natural Resources, Mines- State Land Management Team (NRM), Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC) and South-east Queensland Water (SEQW) undertake planned burns, when appropriate, to assist with hazard reduction (reduce wildfire danger) and native revegetation.

While every effort is made to conduct a burn program each year and planning is undertaken ALL burns can be cancelled up to and including the day of the burn if the weather is unsuitable.

Weather conditions that can lead to burns being cancelled include:

  • Rain - predicted rainfall and recent rainfall can both impact on burn effectiveness.  During winter it can take over a week for the ground to dry out enough for a burn to be successful after even a small amount of rain due to the lack of heat in the air and ground.
  • Wind - burns are carefully planned to ensure that they remain controlled and smoke dissipates ensuring the safety of both the workers and the community.

Process of burn planning

Each year RCC identifies sites for possible burns using criteria that can include:

  • Time since last burnt
  • Amount of vegetation growth within the area
  • Surrounding vegetation and/or estates

A draft burn plan is created and, dependant on weather and resources, as the proposed date approaches a preparation of the sites is undertaken including cleaning around significant logs and habitat trees and possibly some limited test burning.

There is smoke in my area but no Planned Burn Notice on the Works Update Page

Planned burns are undertaken by a number of different entities both within our area and adjoining Local Council areas that can cause smoke haze.  If a Planned Burn is not on the Redlands Coast Today - Planned Burns page or  Works Update page (under City Operations) please check the Queensland Rural Fire Service - Permission to Burn Map to see if a permit has been issued nearby.

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