Reduce the risk of fire on your property | Redland City Council

Reduce the risk of fire on your property

Steps you can take to protect yourself and your property from fire:

Clear overgrown vegetation:

  • clear access paths
  • mow regularly
  • remove combustible material such as dead leaves and branches
  • trim low branches near the house.

Maintain your house:

  • clear roofs and gutters
  • buy gutter plugs
  • enclose open areas under decks and floors
  • install steel wire mesh screens
  • check pumps, generators and water systems
  • seal gaps in roofs and walls.

Provide access in event of a fire:

  • display your house number clearly
  • provide adequate access to your property for fire trucks.

Protect your personal safety:

  • have protective clothing and equipment on hand
  • move flammable items away from the house, eg. wood piles
  • have a fully stocked first aid kit
  • insure house and vehicles appropriately
  • have a Bushfire Survival Plan.

How to comply with Local Laws

Council’s Local Law 3 requires residents and land owners to:

  • clear overgrown allotments and unsightly accumulations of objects and materials, and 
  • reduce or remove fire hazards.

Do not remove any significant vegetation which may be covered by a vegetation protection order without Council permission. 

What is Council doing?

We are reducing built-up fuel loads across the Redlands by slashing Council-owned land adjoining houses as well as carrying out controlled burns. We are also reviewing fire maintenance plans and access trails across the Redlands. Be part of the solution by helping us reduce illegal dumping and hoarding. If you see illegal dumping, please call us on 3829 8999. 

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