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Meet our team - Michelle

Michelle – Environmental Health Officer

Michelle environmental Health Officer

A career linked to personal values

Choosing a career as an Environmental Health Officer came naturally to Michelle Tweedie, who has a passion for investigating the environmental influences that impact human health and wellbeing. Following a career in program coordination in hospital and health services, Michelle joined Redland City Council (Council) in late 2021 in order to have a tangible impact on protecting public health and safety.

Choosing a job that links to her personal values is important to Michelle. But she was also attracted to her current Council role by the opportunity to make a real contribution to the Redlands Coast community and be part of a high-performing, fun team.

“The Environmental Health Team at Redlands is big enough to provide structure and procedural support, but small enough for you to get to know your colleagues and develop a rapport with customers,” Michelle says.

Never a dull moment

While some people may see Environmental Health Officers as just dealing with food inspections and complaints, Michelle explains that at Council, there is much more to the role.

“From development applications and temporary community events to responding to asbestos, pest, and public health complaints, there is never a dull moment,” she says.

“Our team regulates skin penetration services, public pools and accommodation parks in addition to responding to disaster and emergency situations and conducting routine water sampling.”

Living the organisational values

Being able to undertake such a broad scope of environmental health practices across naturally wonderful Redlands Coast is professionally motivating for Michelle. But the glue that holds it all together is the Environmental Health Team itself, where the organisational values are lived and breathed with every action and interaction – they don’t need to be framed and written on a wall!

“This is a team were people really support each other, always chipping in to help and proactively looking for better ways of doing things,” Michelle says.

“Feedback is always encouraged. We celebrate achievements and positive outcomes and work collaboratively to reach our Team goals.”

Professional growth while serving the community

We asked Michelle what’s in it for her.

“Besides a great team and the diversity of my role, Council offers ongoing learning opportunities, through professional development, professional association opportunities, mentoring and on-the-job coaching,” Michelle says.

“Environmental Health at RCC is focused on serving the community to deliver positive outcomes and encouraging and supporting all team members to achieve their best, making working in Environmental Health at Redland City Council my career choice.”