Katie Woodrow | Redland City Council

Katie Woodrow

Katie - Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer

Katie woodrow

Coming into one’s own: Katie’s experience at RCC

As Katie Woodrow sits down to chat about her time so far at Redland City Council (RCC), she’s dutifully multi-tasking; acknowledging colleagues who approach her desk and politely keeping an eye on emails. This juggling act is second nature to Katie, whose job title is longer than most - a hint at the diversity of her role. As Executive Assistant to the CFO, Katie is spinning more than a few plates - and that’s the way she likes it. She’s proud of how far she’s come in the last five years with us, both personally and professionally. With a suite of skills under her belt that she’s finessing every day, Katie is thriving - not only in her career, but in life.

Life can be a maze

Growing up with a number of foster siblings, Katie has always been inspired by her mother’s caring nature and the need to put others before oneself. Yet, switching from psychology to childcare, and then to a diploma in business, Katie began to feel disoriented about her future. Determined to find her niche, Katie handed out her resume across the Bay in the hope of finding some work experience.

“Council was the first place to get back to me, and I ended up doing work experience for six months. I enjoyed it so much that I hovered around until a position became available! Then I became a casual Admin Officer which afforded me an insight into Council and a chance to see where my interests lay.”

Standing tall

In her various roles at Council, Katie has gained a plethora of transferrable skills but more importantly, she emphasises, is the growth in her self-confidence.

“As an introvert I have found interviews hard in the past, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come in five years.  When I interviewed for my current role a year ago, I was confident I could stand by my skill set.”

Katie points to one person in particular who has been a guiding light.

“I love working with Deborah Corbett-Hall, our CFO and my boss. She’s a wonderful role model. No matter how much is on her plate, she always makes time to explain things and ensures that others are okay.”

Taking a deep breath   

As Katie reflects on the path that brought her to us, she urges young people unsure about their career to simply take a breath.

“I put a lot of pressure on myself to study but once I decided to pursue what I enjoyed, I found a world of opportunity. I can always go back and study down the track.”

Eyes on the future

Katie’s excited about what her next few years with Council could bring.

“We have such a diverse organisation; it truly feels like the sky's the limit here. I’m inspired when I see how my colleagues have grown with Council. When people put their hand up to learn and work hard, their efforts are recognised. We’re not pigeon-holed.”