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Land owners consent

Land Owners Consent

Any organisation who is wanting to upgrade or construct on Council owned land must seek Land Owners Consent prior to commencing any works. Should an organisation wish to seek funding support for their project through grant opportunities, then the organisation must seek a letter of support from Council prior to lodging their grant application. Council has 2 documents it can provide:

For grants - Letter of Support (this is not land owners consent but a letter from Council showing their support for your project)

For Land Owners Consent -  Land Owners Consent Letter (with stipulations on what is required of your organisation to complete your project)

Any organisation who is successful with obtaining grant funding for a project, must, once successful, apply for Land Owners Consent. This is to ensure that any changes that have been made to your project after receiving your grant are captured by Council and that any relevant legislation, acts or council policies are adhered to.

If your organisation is unsure on what to do, contact Council and Officers will be able to guide you through the process.

Council now has an online form for organisations to complete, this form will guide you through the process. There is also a short video that organisations should watch prior to completing the form.

Please ensure that you take a look at the Checklist prior to beginning your application to ensure you have all the relevant information and documents.

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