Pensioner concessions

Pensioner concessions for rates

Approved pensioners in the Redlands Coast are eligible for two types of concessions on their property rates:

  • Council rebate
  • State Government subsidy

Council rebate

Pensioners can apply for a rebate against their general rate - this is the part of the rate notice relating to land valuation, not the council charges.

Redland City Council handed down its 2020-21 Budget on 25 June 2020, the total pensioner rebate remains as $335 for full pensioners and $167.50 for part pensioners. These are some of the most generous pensioner rebates in South East Queensland.

To be eligible, applicants must be the registered owner and resident of the property for which the rebate is claimed. Applicants must also be in receipt of a payment from Centrelink or Veterans Affairs and have one of the following pensioner cards:

  • Queensland issued Pension Concession Card. 
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Entitlement Card. 
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Gold Card.

Part pensioners are also eligible.

For an explanation of the current situation for retirement villages, refer to information for residents of leasehold retirement villages

How to apply for a council rebate

To apply for a rebate, complete the pension rates concession form [PDF, 0.3MB]

Once completed, you can submit your form in-person or by email, fax or post.

  • In-person at either of our customer service centres - open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm:
    • Cleveland - corner of Bloomfield Street and Middle Street.
    • Capalaba - Capalaba Place, Noeleen Street.
    • Victoria Point - High Street, (Victoria Point Library - open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm)
  • Email:
  • Fax: (07) 3829 8765
  • Post: Redland City Council, PO Box 21, Cleveland, Qld 4163

Your application must be accompanied by the following.

  • Current year’s concession card
  • Entitlement card and/or gold card

Bring originals if applying in person at our customer service centres, make photocopies (front and back) if posting or faxing, or scan for email.

Further information about council rebates

The council rebate is paid according to the proportionate share of ownership of the pensioner applicant.

This concession is not transferable from another property. If you move into a new property you must submit a new application. However, if your application is received within 90 days of the property settlement the council rebate will continue uninterrupted.

For pensioners applying for the first time, the council rebate will start from the latter of either the date of application or the date of purchase of a property.

If a rate payment is overdue, pensioners are subject to the same conditions as all ratepayers. Interest charges on all overdue amounts and currently is 8.53% per annum compound, on daily rests.

State Government subsidy

Pensioners can also apply for a state subsidy. This can give a further reduction on the rate notice issued by the council.

For pensioners applying for the first time, the State Government subsidy will apply from the first day of the next rating quarter.

For further information and application forms, visit the rates subsidy page on the Queensland Government’s website.