Environment levy | Redland City Council

Redland City Council environment levy
Photo: Kalisha Hutchinson

Redland City Council acquires land with environmental significance through:

  • acquisition of conservation land
  • land management including rehabilitation and maintenance
  • koalas habitat restoration
  • waterways, foreshore and catchment rehabilitation and maintenance
  • pest management 

The Environment Charge protects places of environmental significance in the Redlands that are not protected through Council's land use planning powers or local laws.

Currently the levy for the Environment Charge is $116.32 per annum. The levy funds land maintenance, rehabilitation and purchase, including:

  • acquisition of bushland and urban koala properties
  • terrestrial and aquatic maintenance and rehabilitation.  

Since 1993, Council has purchased 357 properties totalling 1313 hectares, at a cost of almost $35.4 million.

For a property to qualify to be purchased using this fund it must have significant environmental values, such as forming part of a natural corridor or high biodiversity, have some level of threat, such as clearing or degradation, have a community benefit, such as scenic, cultural or historical values and be affordable.