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Conservation land management strategy

Conservation land management strategy - Redland City Council

The Conservation Land Management Strategy provides strategic direction for managing conservation land in the Redlands and a clear set of guidelines for identifying and categorising conservation land.

Download the Conservation Land Management Strategy [PDF 1MB]

Conservation land (17.7 per cent of land in the Redlands) includes:

  • conservation areas
  • nature refuges
  • bushland refuges
  • nature belts
  • creek corridors
  • urban habitat
  • conservation coastal foreshores
  • wetlands
  • drainage reserves
  • road reserves.

Previously, much of Council’s knowledge on effective resource management was covered in a range of management plans, strategies, databases, working procedures and within the personal knowledge of past and present Council officers.

Effective management of conservation land requires a set of principles for a coordinated approach to improve biodiversity services, environmental planning and operational management.