The Wellington Point osprey pair | Redland City Council

The Wellington Point osprey pair

Birds of the Redlands - Wellington Point Osprey family

Moving anywhere can be a challenge, but when your home is showing signs of wear and the foundations are starting to get a little shaky, it’s time to move.

In the case of the Wellington Point osprey pair, that meant a move 100 metres down the coast!

The Wellington Point Osprey pair - pole installation

In 2015, the tree they were nesting in became unsafe, so Redland City Council carefully packed up their nest and relocated it to the pole and platform you see before you. Ospreys can successfully relocate to artificial nest platforms and have a preference for homes that are exposed and located at great heights.

To our joy, the osprey pair immediately set to work redecorating and rearranging their nest. 

Wellington point osprey landscape