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The spread of smoke across a neighbourhood can impact the health of residents and the environment.

The Environmental Protection Act 1994 enables Council to investigate smoke nuisances to ensure they do not irritate or annoy others.

Council's Local Laws require that landowners have a responsibility to ensure that their land, including vacant land, does not create a fire hazard to nearby or adjoining properties.

Check with your local fire warden

In Queensland, fires can be restricted by fire danger periods, local fire bans and a state of fire emergency bans. Before lighting a fire, check with your local fire warden to find out whether the proposed burning is prohibited or requires a permit.

For more information refer to Rural Fire Service website or contact your local fire brigade.

Council jurisdiction

Council only has jurisdiction to act on certain air pollution issues, and shares the responsibility of air pollution control with other government bodies.

Fact sheets

Further information is available in our fact sheets:

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Smoke nuisance - open air fires

Air pollution - dirt and dust

Air pollution - paint and chemical drift 

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