Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Travel and other restrictions are set to change for Queensland, including Redland City, when 70%, 80% and 90% of the eligible population is fully vaccinated.

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Energy efficiency

Saving energy in the Redlands

Save energy at home

Saving energy benefits the environment and your budget. Here are three ways to save energy at home:

  • Turn off lights that aren’t needed, and use energy-efficient bulbs
  • If you need air-conditioning, set the temperature to 25 degrees Celsius
  • Do your laundry using only cold water, and dry them on a clothes line

Australian and state government websites offer useful information:

Energy pages on the YourHome website

Energy-efficient homes on the Queensland Government website

Save energy at work

Businesses of all sizes can reduce costs, save energy and improve their environmental performance by adopting energy efficiency practices.

Increase the energy efficiency of the business to protect the environment and save money. Simple measures include:

  • Maintaining electrical equipment
  • Purchasing energy efficient products
  • Checking for leaks from air compressors
  • Adopting an environmental management plan.

Join EcoBiz a free program helping businesses save money.

For useful tips and guidance, Queensland Government offers energy-saving ideas for business