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Conserving water

Conserving water in the Redlands

We all have to be careful about the amount of water we use, even when not in drought. Conserving water can save you money and helps the environment.

Some quick easy tips for saving water and saving money are:

  • Turn the tap off when brushing teeth – this can save nine litres a minute.
  • Installing a 3-star water-efficient shower head will use no more than nine litres of water per minute.
  • Take shorter showers, ideally less than four minutes.
  • Fix leaking taps.

Queensland Government offers some useful advice on using water wisely

Water saving products

It is possible to place various devices and products in your home to ensure efficient use of water. A few have been outlined below.

Harvesting rain

Water tanks can be installed to harvest rainwater.

Rainwater is an alternative water resource to our dams, and encourages sustainable water use. Rainwater harvesting reduces the reliance of domestic and business on mains water. It also enhances the protection of our waterways by reducing stormwater run-off.

For further information, read Queensland Government’s advice on rainwater tanks.

Greywater use

Greywater is waste water sourced from the bath, shower, bathroom sink and laundry. Kitchen sink greywater is not suitable due to food particles and oils.

Greywater use for garden irrigation is a great option to save household water consumption and to keep your garden and lawn healthy all year round.

For information about installing greywater facilities, visit Using greywater.

Irrigation and sprinklers

An efficient backyard irrigation system can be created with good gardening practices and installation of water-efficient products.

An efficient product will have a maximum flow-rate of nine litres per minute, and have a timer with 30 minute capability. Examples of irrigation products and devices are a dripper, fixed sprinkler head, micro-sprayer and drip-line pressure compensated.

A list of products accredited by Smart Approved Watermark are available at their website

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