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Redland City Council Sub-metering Guidelines and Specifications 

Redland City Council Sub-metering Technical Specifications [PDF105KB]

This document contains guidelines and technical information for the individual sub-metering of multi-unit residential and commercial properties (MUPs), required to fulfill the Development Application condition introduced under the Water Act and Other Legislation Amendment 2007.

Sub-meters installed to these guidelines shall become the property of Redland City Council (RCC). Property owners will receive a Water Account Summary on water consumption per unit/lot.

The master meter shall continue to be installed at the property boundary and shall remain Council's primary record of water consumption.

Redland City Council Sub-metering-Guidelines [PDF 137KB] 

On 1 January 2008, the Queensland Plumbing and Wastewater Code (QPW code) was amended to introduce requirements for installing water meters for new premises.

These changes were introduced due to the severe drought conditions that were being experienced in Queensland, to secure Queensland’s future water supply. Other measures were also included, such as expanded use of treated greywater and introducing blackwater re-use trials.

A new part of the QPW code, ‘Part 4 – Water meters in new premises’ was created to provide acceptable solutions for the installation and maintenance of water meters. This includes the installation of ‘sub-meters’, the common term used to describe individual water meters within multi- unit complexes. The term also differentiates from ‘master meters’ that measure the supply of water to a complex as a whole.

The purpose of this guide is to assist Councils, Plumbers, builders and developers to understand the technical and regulatory requirements for installation of sub-meters.

A full copy of the QPW code is available on the Department of Housing and Public Works’ website at

Redland City Council Sub-meter Concept [PDF 80KB] 

Redland City Council has a range of sub-metering and billing arrangements available for Community Titles Schemes based on the age of the development, the installation of sub-meters meeting Council’s requirements, and any applicable Water Charges Agreements.

Redland City Council Master and Sub-meter Performance Criteria [PDF 273 KB]

This document is to serve as a guide for installation requirements for water sub meters in residential dwellings.

Application to Enter into a Community Title Scheme Sub-Metering Billing Agreement [PDF 525 KB]