Connection, disconnection and relocation

How do I apply for a new connection or relocate /disconnect my current connection?

All new water and sewerage connections/relocations and disconnections require an application to be submitted and a quote will be forwarded for payment.

Prior to submitting your application please ensure:-

  • You have attached the required plans or approvals as per the application form.
  • Your property has been surveyed and the pegs are clearly visible.
  • All obstructions are clearly marked on you plans including existing services - both on the footpath and within your property, large trees or shrubs that cannot practicably be removed and retaining walls.

Additionally, for commercial applications you must ensure:

  • You supply the relevant Operational Works (OPW) or Reconfigure a lot (RAL) approvals.
  • All drawings supplied must be 'for construction' and with the correct Redland City Council specific drawing notes for live connections.

To connect, relocate or disconnect your water and/or fire service, please complete and submit: Water connection, disconnection and relocation form [PDF 0.1MB]

To connect, relocate or disconnect your sewerage service or to raise or lower an existing manhole, please complete and submit: Wastewater connection, relocation, disconnection and raising or lowering of manholes form [PDF0.01MB]