Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Mask wearing requirements will remain until 4pm on 24 September in South East Queensland, including Redland City.

Fore more information visit Council's COVID-19 web page

Connection, disconnection and relocation

  • Please note the cut off date for new applications in 2021 is Friday, 10 December. Any applications submitted after 10 December 2021 and before 10 January 2022 will be processed within 20 business days from 10 January 2022.
  • Applications for quotes received in June of the current financial year will not be issued until after 1 July to ensure that customers are being charged rates as per the financial year that the works will be completed.
  • All CURRENT quotes in that financial year will be honoured and payments can be accepted as per normal.
  • If your property is on a road that is managed by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR), we are required to apply for a permit from DTMR before carrying out work - this can take up to 12 weeks from the time of application. To support our application, we are required to submit copies of plans certified by a Registered Professional Engineer in Queensland (RPEQ). We are able to provide these and the cost will be included in the quote. You are also able to engage your own RPEQ engineer to draft and certify the design for DTMR. The design should be showing detailed connections and fittings and depth of the service (a cross-section showing the location of underground pipework in relation to the kerb and channel). Please advise if you will be submitting your own RPEQ plans, so we do not include the cost in the quote.

How do I apply for a new connection or relocate /disconnect my current connection?

All new water and sewerage connections/relocations and disconnections require an application to be submitted and a quote will be forwarded for payment.

Prior to submitting your application please ensure:

  • You have attached the required plans or approvals as per the application form.
  • Your property has been surveyed and the pegs are clearly visible.
  • All obstructions are clearly marked on your plans including existing services - both on the footpath and within your property, large trees or shrubs that cannot practicably be removed and retaining walls.

Additionally, for commercial applications you must ensure:

  • You supply the relevant Operational Works (OPW) or Reconfigure a lot (RAL) approvals.
  • All drawings supplied must be 'for construction' and with the correct Redland City Council specific drawing notes for live connections.

To connect, relocate or disconnect your water and/or fire service, please complete the Online Water Application - Connection, Alteration and Disconnection form

To connect, relocate or disconnect your sewerage service or to raise or lower an existing manhole, please complete the Online Wastewater Application - Connection, Alteration and Disconnection form

To submit an application via mail or in-person visit Forms and documents for water supply and sewerage and download the PDF form, print and submit with the supporting attachments.