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Pressure Sewerage System

What is a Pressure Sewerage System (PSS)

Some properties are connected to a pressure sewerage system where it is impractical to use other systems, such as the gravity sewerage system predominantly used in Redlands Coast. Pressure sewerage systems are often used in areas when the landscape is either very hilly or very flat, in areas which regularly flood or have high water tables. Once installed on a private property, the only visible parts of the PSS is the tank, usually located in the front yard. A PSS is made up of a network of fully sealed pipes which are fed by pumping units located at each connected property. The pumping unit receives the household wastewater and transfers it to the pressure sewer located in the street via a small pipeline within the property. The pressure sewer forms part of the overall pipe network which ultimately transfers the wastewater to the nearest wastewater treatment facility. 

What am I responsible for?

The property owner is responsible for maintaining components of the PSS location on their property, including the:

  • boundary kit
  • pump and collection tank unit
  • pump control box
  • property discharge line, and
  • property sanitary/house drain.

Refer to your supplier operations and maintenance manual for any specific requirements of your system.

Contact your private plumber or service agent if your system has a blockage, the alarm is activated or you require maintenance of these components. For further information, please refer to the Pressure Sewerage Systems on Redlands Coast Property owner's guide.

What is Council responsible for?

Ownership transfers to Redland City Council at the property isolating valve located on the footpath. Council is responsible for clearing any blockages or fixing leaks or breaks on the Council main only.

Contact Council if you have any enquiries.