Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Travel and other restrictions are set to change for Queensland, including Redland City, when 70%, 80% and 90% of the eligible population is fully vaccinated.

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Water supply and distribution

City Water (previously Redland Water) is a commercial business unit within Redland City Council focused on delivering high-quality water safely and reliably to residents. 

Redland City Council buys bulk water from Seqwater, which owns and operates the bores, dams, reservoirs, water sources and catchments. Water is distributed around the city via a network of 1309 km of water mains.

Drawing water from our system

Redland City Council operates water tanker filling stations on Redlands Coast.

The stations are approved connection points to the City's water supply for residential, commercial and bulk water use.

Current Locations:

How to operate water filling stations

When you use a filling station, you will need to bring:

  • a hose
  • a water container or tank
  • a hose fitting/attachment - all filling stations have an 80mm outlet with an 80mm/3inch Camlock connector and a 25mm outlet

At the station:

  • Ensure the outlet valves on the filling station are closed
  • If you are using the 75mm outlet, ensure that your filling hose is connected at both ends
  • If you are using the 25mm outlet, ensure that your filling hose is connected to the valve and the outlet end is secured.

Once you are ready to begin filling:

  1. Select a $ value using the UP (+)/DOWN (-) buttons
  2. Press ENTER to confirm the selected $ value
  3. Wave/insert your credit/debit card at card reader - Machine says “Please wait for confirmation”
  4. Pre-authorisation approved - Machine says “Thank you and goodbye”
  5. Press ENTER
  6. Open the outlet valve
  7. Fill your tank
  8. Close the outlet valve
  9. Press FINISH
    1. Machine says “Thank you and goodbye”


Council cannot issue receipts for water purchased from the water filling stations. Please use your itemised credit card statements for tax purposes.

Pre-authorisation fails

If your pre-authorisation is declined, it may be because there are insufficient funds available on your card. Try again with a lower value.

If your card is declined again, please contact your card issuer.

Note: Your credit/debit card will be pre-authorised for the $ value you select. Once you have completed the transaction, you will only be charged for the water you have taken (minimum charge - $1.00)

Operators intending to transport drinking water for for re-sale must obtain a license under the Food Act 2006 - refer to the Queensland Health website. Operators must also provide the license number and details to Redland City Council Customer Service.