Multi-unit developments | Redland City Council

Multi-unit developments

From 1 January 2008, submeters are compulsory for all new multi-unit developments including residential complexes, retirement villages, shops, industrial units and multistorey commercial buildings. This means submeters must be installed for:

  • each lot within a community title scheme, including the common property
  • the sole occupancy unit of a class 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 building – for building class definitions refer to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission website 
  • each storey of a class 5 building where the building consists of more than one storey
  • sole occupancy units not identified at the time of the building’s plumbing compliance assessment.

The requirement for compulsory submetering for new developments is part of the State Government’s response to ensuring everyone understands exactly how much water they use. The change also allows for the cost of actual water used to be passed on to the occupier where legal agreements such as a lease permits.

This is different to the arrangement for existing developments where calculation of water consumption costs is by ‘lot entitlement’ or other arrangement with the owners.

Note: The new requirement does not apply to existing developments before 1 January 2008.


Installing submeters

Certain performance standards apply when installing compulsory submeters – for example, meters must be:

  • of a type acceptable to Council
  • located so they are easy to read and maintain (from common or public area)
  • installed by a licensed plumber.

Specific requirements for installing the compulsory submeters are contained in:

  • Queensland Government plumbing laws and codes:
    • The Queensland Plumbing and Wastewater Code (QPW code).
    • Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2003.
  • Redland City Council water meter specification (including drawings).
  • Australian Standards.

Council’s Plumbing Assessment team review the development’s hydraulic plans and carry out inspections of the submeter installation making sure the meters are correctly installed. When completed, the team provides Council’s water unit, City Water, with details of the submeter and unit number.

For more information, refer to the State Government’s Guidelines for Submeters or contact Redland City Council on 07 3829 8999.