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Domestic driveways and crossovers

What is a Driveway/driveway crossover?

A driveway is a residential vehicle crossing that provides safe and reasonable access from the road to a property. 

Where there is a concrete kerb and channel the crossover is the 900mm deep section of the driveway where the kerb is cut (see Reference Drawing R-RCC-1: Domestic Driveway Crossover for Kerb and Channel [124 KB]).

Where there is no kerb and channel a Property Access Assessment will be carried out by one of our officers and you will be advised if you require a:

Do I need a permit to Construct/Modify/Replace my driveway?

Yes:  Permits are required for driveway construction on both State Controlled and Local Government road reserves.  If constructing /modifying/replacing your driveway involves modifying Council's road reserve (footpath and guttering) then a permit is required under Redland City Council's Subordinate Local Law 1.1 (Alteration or Improvement to Local Government Controlled Areas, Facilities and Roads) 2015

Prior to Submitting an Application

We recommend you:

  • Read Residential Driveway Self Help Guide [2.6MB] 
  • Viewed Council Reference drawings relevant to your driveway location
  • Chosen a non-slip load-bearing driveway surface
  • Located all underground Pipes and cables - Dial before you Dig
  • If required, called Council to discuss relocating water meter, signage, stormwater or sewer manhole, fire hydrant etc.
  • ensure you have the following mandatory documents to upload:-
  • Review Driveway design criteria:
    • Driveway design complies with Reference Drawing R-RCC-1 [133 KB] where kerb and channel exists, otherwise driveway is to comply with the existing verge profile, construction materials are to be fit for purpose and the below location criteria apply.
    • Driveway crossovers are located:
      • a minimum of 1m from the kerb transition of a stormwater gully pit;
      • a minimum of 1m from powerpole and streetlights;
      • a minimum of 300mm from any utility infrastructure, access covers or other infrastructure;
      • a minimum of 2m from existing, established street trees.  Note: New street trees will be assessed by Roads Department
      • to allow a minimum of 10m of uninterrupted kerb length approaching a bus stop; and
      • in accordance with the below intersection requirements.
        • Intersection requirements:
          • Driveway is located 6m or greater from an existing intersection kerb tangent point (end of curve) on Access Places and Access Streets (both considered Local Streets), OR
          • How do I determine if the street is an Access Place or Access Street?
          • Driveway is located 10m or greater from a kerb tangent point (end of curve) on all other road types.

Submitting your Application

There are two (2) processes for domestic driveway applications:

  1. If Complying with the above criteria or a Property Access Assessment is required, complete our online Domestic Driveway Crossover Application.  (Maintenance to an existing crossover will also use this form at all times.)
  2. If not complying with all the above requirements, use DA Form 1 to lodge an Operational Works application.

If you have any questions about your driveway crossover proposal, please read our Residential Driveway Self Help Guide or contact Council's Customer Service on 3829 8999, by email at, or by coming into one of Council's customer service centres.

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