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What is E-waste?

E-waste or electronic waste is growing three times faster than general waste with around 554,000 tonnes of electronic and electrical waste generated in Australia every year.

Redlands Coast has free recycling facilities for e-waste at our mainland Recycling and Waste Centres.

Don’t let your e-waste go to waste. Give it a new life by recycling it at Birkdale and Redland Bay Recycling and Waste Centres.

E-waste that can be recycled:

  • TV’s, interactive displays, digital displays, data projectors, video and tape players
  • Computer equipment
  • Mobile phones
  • Printers, copiers and multi-function printers
  • POS equipment
  • Small kitchen, bathroom and laundry appliances e.g. toasters, kettles, hairdryers, shavers and irons
  • Power drills, fans, vacuums and sound systems

Note: Ensure data from all equipment is removed.

E-waste collected from Redland City Council's Recycling and Waste Centres goes to Brisbane where it is stripped and processed into the following commodity groups:

  • Plastic is shredded and sent out to various markets
  • Metal is stripped and sent to commodity markets
  • Leaded glass is treated and used in smelters or as deep road base, non-leaded glass is melted down and re-used
  • Circuit boards are sent to Korea or Japan.