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Littering and illegal dumping

Littering and illegal dumping has serious environmental impacts, and increases costs for local communities and businesses.

Littering refers to the unlawful disposal of domestic or commercial waste measuring less than 200L (roughly the size of a wheelie bin). Illegal dumping refers to domestic, commercial or industrial waste measuring more than 200L.

Offences can result in fines of between $220 and $18,150. Serious offences may result in court prosecution, higher penalties and a conviction recorded against the offender.

Report illegal activity

If you have seen anyone littering or dumping waste illegally, please contact Redland City Council or the state government.


Redland City Council actively monitors areas for illegal waste dumping using surveillance cameras.

Any evidence gathered may be used to issue fines, or share with the Queensland Police Service.

These actions are undertaken in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009 and the Queensland Ombudsman's recommendations for the use of surveillance cameras.

More information on Council's privacy and rights to information processes.

Economic and environment impact

Every year, thousands of ratepayer dollars are spent on cleaning up illegally dumped waste. Further money is then spent on fixing infrastructure and natural areas impacted by dumping.

Dump sites can lower property values and also attract other illegal activities.

As well as polluting our environment, illegal dumping can spread pests and weeds; block stormwater drains; create breeding grounds for flies, mosquitoes and rats; and can result in personal, fire and road hazards.

Further information

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