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Hazardous Waste

To keep our community and workers safe, all hazardous waste is treated with caution as it may contain harmful materials. Before visiting a Recycling and Waste Centre, please ensure you follow the conditions of disposal.

Hazardous waste should not be placed in any kerbside (general waste, recycling or green waste) or bulky waste collection bin. 

Placing hazardous waste in bins is a danger to drivers, recycling/waste disposal centres and to our community. It needs to be disposed of using a specialised process. 

For your safety, the safety of others and to protect our environment and to avoid a penalty, don't dump waste illegally. 

Asbestos, fibre cement sheeting / suspected potential asbestos

See Asbestos and Cement Sheeting for more information.

Batteries (household/lithium/vehicle)

All batteries contain hazardous substances and should not be disposed of in your general waste bin.

Household batteries can be recycled through the B-cycle battery recycling program and not in your yellow-lidded, general waste or green waste bin.

Car/vehicle batteries contain toxic and harmful chemicals. They also contain resources that can be recycled, such as lead.

You can take your car batteries to Birkdale, Redland Bay, Russell Island, Stradbroke Island or Macleay Island Recycling and Waste Centres – see our locations and opening hours.

Flares / EPIRBS

Redland City Council’s Recycling and Waste Centres do not accept flares and must not be placed in any bin.

Flares can be disposed of in special bins provided by the Queensland Department of Transport at Volunteer Marine Rescue (weekends only), Australian Volunteer Coast Guard and Queensland Transport Maritime Safety Queensland. A locations list can be found on the Flare disposal locations page on the Maritime Safety Queensland website. See below for disposal locations around the Redlands.

Do not dispose of flares / EPIRBS in any kerbside collection bin. Do not take them to any Recycling and Waste Centre.

Gas bottles

BBQ gas bottles/cylinders can be taken to Birkdale, Redland Bay, North Stradbroke Island, Russell Island, Macleay Island and Coochiemudlo Island Recycling and Waste Centres for recycling. If in date, they can be taken to your local service station or most hardware stores for exchange.

All other gas bottles including LPG tanks should be returned to the supplier.

Hot ash/heat beads

Ensure hot ash or heat beads are cool before bagging and disposing of general waste or burying them in your garden to compost.

Cigarette lighters/aerosol cans

Ensure cigarette lighters are empty prior to disposing of them in general waste bins.

Aerosol cans must be emptied and can be placed in the yellow-lid recycling bin.

Chemicals / Fire extinguishers / Light bulbs / Petrol / Smoke alarms and more

The following items can be disposed of at the Redland Bay Recycling and Waste Centre only (residents only – not commercial operators or non-residents):

  • Acids and alkalis
  • Chemical containers
  • Coolants and brake fluids
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Glue and solvents
  • Herbicides
  • Household chemicals
  • Lubricant grease
  • Mercury-containing lamps (unbroken only)
    • Examples are compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and fluorescent tubes
    • Broken lamps should be carefully sealed in a plastic bag and put in a waste wheelie bin
  • Paint and packaging
  • Pesticides
  • Petrol
  • Pool chemicals
  • Rust inhibitors
  • Smoke alarms/detectors
  • Thinners
  • Wood preservatives
  • Vehicle batteries

Redlands residents can bring approximately 20L or 20kg of hazardous waste for safe disposal.

Safe disposal of these items:

To dispose of your items safely, please make sure that:

  • items are in their original container or an approved safe container with lid/cap.
  • containers are not broken, leaking or unsealed.
  • items are in the containers they will be disposed of in – they cannot be poured on to the site.

Your load will be subject to routine inspection. Where material that may contain asbestos is identified, you will be asked to leave the recycling and waste centre. If you are suspected of carrying material containing asbestos, such as cement sheet or fibro and do not declare to the gatehouse, you may be refused entry to the transfer station.

For further information, please refer to asbestos disposal.


Engine Oil: Used engine oil can be recycled but not in any kerbside bin or general waste bin. This causes contamination and leads to the loss of valuable resources. You can recycle your waste motor oil at Birkdale, Redland Bay, Coochiemudlo, North Stradbroke, Macleay and Russell Island Recycling and Waste Centres (free of charge for residents, non-residents and commercial operators).  Oil can be decanted on site and container taken home. Never pour engine oil down the drain, this can cause serious damage and injure marine life.

Cooking Oil (Vegetable Oil Only): Used cooking oil (vegetable only) can be taken to Birkdale, Redland Bay and North Stradbroke Island Recycling and Waste Centres (free of charge for residents, non-residents and commercial operators). Oil can be decanted on site and container taken home. Never pour oil down the drain.  

Agricultural and veterinary product chemical drums

Commercial operators can dispose of agricultural and veterinary product chemical drums at Redland Bay Recycling and Waste Centre.

  • Drums must be empty, cleaned and free from any chemical residue
  • Contact Redland City Council for an appointment prior to dropoff
    Ph. (07) 3829 8999
  • Before visiting the Recycling and Waste Centre, you must complete and submit a container cleanliness declaration form – located at drumMUSTER forms