Jetties and pontoons | Redland City Council

Jetties and pontoons

Find jetties and pontoons in the following locations.

Mainland jetties and pontoons

Raby Bay Canals
Raby Bay Harbour Park, Cleveland (jetty, pontoon)
Banana Street Harbour
Redland Bay (jetty, fixed platform)
Banana Street Harbour
Redland Bay (jetty, pontoon)
Weinam Creek Marine Facility
Redland Bay (jetty, pontoon)
Masters Avenue Harbour
Victoria Point (jetty, fixed platform, pontoon)
Main Road Boat Haven
Main Road Foreshore, Wellington Point (jetty, fixed platform)

Island jetties and pontoons

Elizabeth Street Harbour
Coochiemudlo Island (jetty, fixed platform)
The Esplanade Harbour
Karragarra Island (jetty, pontoon)
Lucas Drive Harbour
Lamb Island (jetty, pontoon)
Ron Field
Macleay Island (jetty, fixed platform)
Brighton Road Harbour
Macleay Island (jetty, pontoon)
One Mile
Dunwich (jetty, fixed platform, pontoon)
Harold Walker Jetty
Dunwich (jetty, fixed platform)
Claytons Road Harbour
Amity (jetty, fixed platform)
High Street Harbour
Russell Island (jetty, fixed platform, pontoon)