Economic Development Framework | Redland City Council

Redlands Coast has enjoyed sustained business growth for much of the last decade. To build on this growth, Council is looking to build strong partnerships with the business community.

Council’s Open for Business approach already successfully encourages investment, capacity building and reduced barriers to new and growing business.

Out of this approach, Council adopted the Redland City Economic Development Framework 2014–2041 to chart a course for the city over the next two decades.

The Framework—‘the business community’s business plan’

The Economic Development Framework sets out a clear direction for business growth and job generation over the next quarter century.

The key to its success will be collaboration with business and industry representatives to develop and implement action plans for key industry sectors.

The framework’s focus is developing these key industry sectors so they can provide sustainable economic growth through:

  • increased employment opportunities
  • workforce training and skills development
  • infrastructure development
  • investment attraction
  • an overall increase in the region’s economic capacity.

The framework will encourage business investment, industry value-adding and opportunities for regional exports through strong partnerships to help achieve a target of 30,000–40,000 extra jobs.

Read the Economic Development Framework 2014-2041 [PDF 3.1MB].

Economic Development Advisory Board

Council established the Redlands Economic Development Advisory Board in 2015, which assisted us by overseeing implementation of the Economic Development Framework, and development and implementation of endorsed action plans for key industry sectors including tourism, education and training, health care and social assistance, and rural enterprises.

Following a review, in June 2021 Council acknowledged that the Board had achieved its objectives and decided to discontinue the Board. It was also acknowledged that the Economic Development Framework was a sound document to continue to guide economic development in the City.

Read the Annual reports for the Board:

Council will continue to work with industry partners and stakeholders in the implementation of plans, programs, opportunities and initiatives.


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