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Printing services

Self-service printing, photocopying and scanning are available at most of our libraries. This page lists all available options.

Printing from the public computers

Available at: Capalaba, Cleveland, Dunwich, Point Lookout, Russell Island and Victoria Point. 

Documents and web pages can be printed via the public computers.

Mobile printing

You can print from your personal computer, laptop or mobile device via the library's wi-fi or from home.

Mobile printing jobs can be picked up from printers at Cleveland, Capalaba and Victoria Point libraries.

There are three ways to print

  • Using the web portal – best for one-off printing of documents, PDFs, images and webpages
  • Forwarding via email – best for printing emails and their attachments
  • Using the PrinterOn app – best for frequent mobile print users

What you can print [PDF, 0.1MB].

Using the web portal

Select the mobile printing link for your preferred library

Complete the required steps.

Go to the library to release and collect your mobile printing.

Forwarding via email

The simplest way to print an email and its attachment is to forward your email to an address specific to your preferred library and printing preference.

Note: Always enter something in the Subject field when submitting print jobs via email.

Once sent you will receive a confirmation email and can then collect your mobile printing.

Note: The body of the email (even if it is blank) plus any attachments will all be printed.

Using the PrinterOn app

First, download the free PrinterOn app from your app store.

From the app, find your library printers by doing a keyword search, e.g. Redland or Cleveland etc., or use the GPS capabilities of your device to find the printer nearest you.

Select your document, select Print and enter your email address.

You will get a ‘Success’ message when complete.

Collecting a print job

Enter your email address at the print release station. This verifies your identity to retrieve your printing.

You will see a list of your mobile print jobs, insert payment and select to release


Available at: Capalaba, Cleveland, Victoria Point, Russel Island, Point Lookout and Dunwich.

Photocopiers are coin-operated. They provide black/white and colour copying.

Charges for printing and photocopies

A4 pricing

  • Black and white: $0.20 
  • Colour: $1.00

A3 pricing

  • Black and white: $0.40
  • Colour: $2.00

Cash only payment facilities. 


Available at: Capalaba, Cleveland and Victoria Point.

There is no fee for scanning. Library members should bring their own USB flash drive to save their scans.