Awarded tenders

Below are details of contracts awarded by Council (worth $220,000 including GST or more).

Note: Where a contract has an option to extend, the take up of that option is at Council's discretion.

Tenders from Procurement Services Unit

Tenders from Project Delivery Group

(Capital and major operational projects 2019/2020 Financial Year)

Contract Awarded to Works description Date awarded
Amount* (GST inc.)
PDG-46285-6 Stanley Macadam Pty Ltd T/as Stanley Road Construction Rehabilitation works at William Street Boat Club Carpark - Cleveland 17/06/2019 $249,641.88
PDG-40015-2 Alder Constructions Pty Ltd Moreton Bay Cycleway Section 1 (Cameron Court to School Road) - Victoria Point 10/06/2019 $2,017,262.50
PDG-43389-1 Stanley Macadam Pty Ltd T/As Stanley Road Construction Resurfacing of Precinct 5A Marlborough Road - Wellington Point 23/05/2019 $605,575.44
PDG-43553-3 Intrec Management Pty Ltd Indigiscapes Centre Extension (Stage 2) - Capalaba 30/04/2019 $4,031,142.61
PDG-10911-1 & PDG-30019-1 McQuade Marine No. 2 Pty Ltd 2018/2019 Maintenance Dredge (Cleveland & Victoria Point) 9/04/2019 $3,194,053.15

 * Total estimated contract amount including provisional items (if any)


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