Native title in the Redlands

I have not come here today to give anything to the Quandamooka People.  These orders give them nothing.  Rather, I come on behalf of all Australian People to recognise their existing rights and interests, which rights and interests have their roots in times before 1788, only some of which have survived European settlement. Those surviving rights and interests I now acknowledge - Judge Dowsett, 4 July 2011

The Quandamooka People's 2011 native title consent determinations (Quandamooka People #1 and Quandamooka People #2) cover most of North Stradbroke Island, Peel Island, Goat Island, Bird Island, Stingaree Island, Crab Island and the surrounding waters of Moreton Bay.  These areas are the result of two claims made by the Quandamooka people in 1995 and 1999, on which the Federal Court made its determinations.

Quandamooka Coast Native Title Claim (currently before the Federal Court) was entered on the Register of Native Title claims in May 2017 and is in the process of determination. This claim covers most of mainland Redlands and part of Brisbane City, as well as islands including Lamb Island, Macleay Island, Karragarra Island, Coochiemudlo Island, Cassim Island, Sandy Island, Tindappah Island (Garden Island),  Green Island (Milwarpa), King Island (Erobin), St Helena Island (Noongoon) and Mud Island (Bungumba). For more information view Quandamooka Coast Native Title claim FAQ's.

More on the Quandamooka People's 2011 Native Title determinations

The determinations recognise the Quandamooka People's rights to:

  • live and be present on the determination areas
  • conduct traditional ceremonies
  • take, use, share and exchange traditional natural resources
  • conduct burial rites, teach about the physical and spiritual attributes of the area
  • maintain places of importance and areas of significance.

On Monday 4 July 2011, the Redland City Council and the Quandamooka People signed an Indigenous Land Use Agreement, setting out broad principles and mechanisms for how the parties will work together and meet responsibilities for mutual benefits.

Mayor Hobson with Ian Delaney

Quote from speech of previous Mayor Melva Hobson:

Monday July 4 was an historic day for the Quandamooka people of North Stradbroke Island and for all who witnessed and shared in the day.
The Federal Court officially recognised the continuous connection of the island's indigenous community to the land and waters of this beautiful island, formally granting land rights to the Quandamooka people.
That decision is celebrated by the Redlands community who have already acknowledged the important and rich thread of indigenous culture in our community, through the Redlands 2030 Community Plan.
In coming weeks and months, the details of agreements that flow from the Court’s decisions will become clearer. But it is already a fact that the granting of land rights will not affect freehold land or continued public access to public land, facilities and the island foreshore.
I invite you to join us in congratulating the Quandamooka People and celebrating the importance of this decision for the future development of Stradbroke Island.

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