Water and sewerage connections

  • From 1 June ALL NEW applications for Water and Wastewater connections, relocations and disconnections will be held over until new financial year.
  • Application can be accepted and will be processed as per normal, however quotes will not be issued until 01 July 2018 to ensure that customers are being charged rates are per the financial year that the works will be completed in.
  • All CURRENT quotes will be honoured and payments can be accepted as per normal.

When do I require a water and sewerage connection?

Connections for both water and sewerage (wastewater) are required when building a new property in the Redland's connection area.  Existing properties should already have these connections in place unless they are not connected to town water and/or have onsite sewerage disposal.

What is a fire service connection and do I need one?

A fire service connection is a connection that is used solely for providing direct access to the water network for the purpose of fire protection.

Fire services are generally found on commercial properties, apartment complexes or larger residential properties.  This infrastructure is required by the Queensland Fire & Emergency Service (QFES) to effectively access water on your property to fight any potential fires.

Our current specifications do not include combined fire and water connections.  Individual applications will be required for each.  To find out more, talk to your builder, plumber or engineer.

What do I need to consider for my connection?

For all new services please consider the following:

  • New water connection sizes available are 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm & 100mm.  Larger water meters are available on application - please discuss with your builder or plumber.
  • New sewerage connection sizes are 100mm & 150mm.  Larger connections are available - please discuss with your engineer.
  • We use mechanical water meter only, with a digital pulse outlet point. Magnetic flow meters are not available.
  • All water meters are located within the property boundary with a standard install .5m from your left or right hand boundary.
  • All new sewer connections will be located on th lowest side of the property.
  • Vegetation, existing utility services and infrastructure (ie retaining walls) can all affect placement of your water and sewerage services.
    • Do not plan to build over or plant large vegetation near sewerage and water connection points.
  • All new connections, relocations, disconnections and sub-meter installations to existing developments require an assessment and quote.
  • If our network does not currently abut your property and you are just outside the current connection area, your quote may include the cost of extending the network to a suitable location for your connection.
  • Time delays may occur if traffic management is required for Department of Transport & Main Roads.