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School and community education

School and community education about waste

Schools, organisations, community groups and residents are learning about waste and recycling through our education program.

This page gives an overview of our programs. We also provide a list of waste education resources from other organisations

School education

Redland City Council offers free waste education to all schools and students in the Redlands to promote waste minimisation, recycling and sustainability.

The Waste Education Officer visits schools, childcare facilities and educational organisations to deliver lessons and presentations on topics relating to waste minimisation and recycling.

Lessons can be adapted to suit the learner group and curriculum requirements. Topics include:

  • Waste and recycling in the Redlands
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Litter and its impact on the environment
  • Worm farms and composting
  • Waste auditing.

Read more about Redland City Council’s Indigiscapes Schools Program

RedSWAP (Redlands Schools Waste-wise Action Program)

The RedSWAP program aims to empower primary schools in the Redlands to take the lead in waste minimisation and effective recycling practices.

This is achieved through four steps:

  1. Establishing a cost-effective recycling service, including options for organic waste recycling.
  2. A school-wide waste education program and the establishment of a Kids Teaching Kids program.
  3. Promotion of the program and the school's achievements in the community.
  4. Implementing effective waste management strategies over the long-term to achieve key targets in waste reduction and recycling.

One of our Waste Education Officers is available to offer advice and support at all stages of the project.

School visit booking form

To make a booking, schools can use the online booking form

Alternatively, you can download a form from the environmental education programs page of our IndigiScapes website.

Community education

We offer residents and community groups opportunity to access waste education through planned events and presentations. Community groups can also book free waste education talks on request.

Topics include:

  • Waste management in the Redlands
  • Recycling in the Redlands
  • Green waste
  • Hazardous and electronic waste
  • Other topics on request.

To request a presentation, contact Redland City Council’s IndigiScapes team.

Ph. (07) 3824 8611.

Feedback and enquiries

If you have any feedback or enquiries related to waste education, please email our Waste Education Officer at