School and community education about waste | Redland City Council

School and community education about waste

School education

Council offers a range of school education opportunities that encourages students to learn more about their environment and what they can do to help.

There are a number of options available:

The EcoMarines program inspires and empowers students to become conservation leaders through their award-winning schools program. Submit your expression of interest to participate in the program directly to Tangalooma EcoMarines

The IndigiScapes Get Grubby Program offers a range of free resources to children's centres and schools about composting, waste reduction recycling and lots more.

A selected range of school education talks about waste reduction and recycling. Please contact Council via email on outlining: Name of the school, contact details, and type of preferred waste education.

See the Waste education resources from other organisations for more information.

Read more about Redland City Council’s Indigiscapes Schools Program.