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General parking tips for Redlands

General parking tips for Redlands Coast

There is a wealth of public transport to get you to and around the Redlands Coast region.

However, there are many places to park if you do decide to drive. You must be careful to observe the parking signage for each location, as various restrictions apply.

Below are some general parking rules for Redlands Coast, followed by parking guides for specific areas.

General parking rules

  • Check signs for the times when parking is permitted.
  • Check whether you’re parked within a specific traffic area.
  • Park your vehicle ‘rear end in’ where signs and line marking indicate.
  • Park on the roadside only if there is a three metre space between the car and the line (or car and other side of the road if there is no line).
  • Do not park your vehicle
    • facing oncoming traffic
    • too close to an intersection
    • across a driveway
    • on a footpath, nature strip, median strip or dividing strip.
  • Do not stop in a clearway, bus zone or no stopping zone.
  • Do not park in a parking zone marked for people with a disability unless you have the appropriate parking authority.
  • Do not stop in a zone designated for specific vehicles, such as a loading zone, bus zone or boat trailer zone.
  • Do not park a heavy vehicle in a built-up area for more than 1 hour.
  • Please ensure parking availability and park all vehicles lawfully.

Find out what to do if you get a parking fine.

Parking guides for specific areas